Where has Bob's Boots been for the past few days?
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That's been the question on the lips of our many supporters, subscribers, traders, and fans.

At 3:00 PM EST on September 18, 2001; the server that hosts the Bob's Boots site (Along with several other great sites) was hit with the Nimda worm virus. At 4:40, administrators took the server down to prevent spread of the Virus.

The virus hit 4 servers on their network, and reinstalled itself several times. Once it was contained and eliminated, the servers remained down to assure no further infection. 

At 10:00 AM on September 22, 2001, The server was proven to be virus free, and returned online.

Bob's Boots site itself was affected by the virus. If you are using Outlook Express as your browser, along with a virus scan, it still may be possible that you receive a 'VIRUS ALERT' somewhere on the site. Don't worry, this is not actually the virus, but an HTML code that would have told the virus to download were it present. Simply respond to the alert, and it will go away. Then, if you would be so kind as to email us with the link to the offending page, we will have the code removed so that it won't scare others. 

Thanks to the diligence, and tireless perseverance of our administrators, a catastrophic situation was defused.

Thank you to all of our friends who have shown your concern during this event.

We'll keep 'Pressing On'.

Craig Pinkerton
Site Owner 

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