Blue Bonnet Girl
Glenn Spencer - 1936 ?
Recorded by The Sons of the Pioneers in 1936
Only known performance by Bob Dylan: Nov 1, 2000 in Bloomington, Indiana

A Texas moon caresses you
Soft as the night  (Leaving the light)
Leaving the light  (Soft as the night)
Deep in your eyes
Blue Bonnet Girl
I'm sure the southern breezes too
Call for a kiss
You never miss
As they go by

Soft as the springtime
Gentle and sweet
True as the Alamo
You'll have the world at your feet
Wherever you go

And if the clouds
Should fail to let the sunshine through
Leavin' me blue
I'll come to you
Blue Bonnet Girl

Dylan then repeats the entire song
Dylan sings the "Leaving the light soft as the night" verse as shown
The harmony vocals sing it as shown in parenthesis

Historic note: Sometime around the time this song was written, Blue Bonnet Margarine
was a small, independent margarine vendor. In 1943 it was purchased by Standard Brands
and became a  nationally known brand . It could be possible that the song was an inspiration
for the company name... or vise versa.

From: Cover Songs Performed by Bob Dylan