Little Moses
Trad. / A. P. Carter

This version was transcribed by Manfred Helfert from the performance in Milan, Italy, June 27, 1993
Tablature by Eyolf Østrem

LC           G        C
Away by the river so clear,
C               G             C
The ladies were winding their way,
And Pharaoh's little daughter stepped down in the water
   C            F           C
To bathe in the cool of the day.
  C       F/C C        C      F/C C
Before it was dark she opened the ark
                    G          C
And found the sweet infant was there.

And away by the waters so blue,
The infant was lonely and sad.
She took him in pity and thought him so pretty
And it made little Moses so glad.
She called him her own, her beautiful son
And sent for a nurse that was near.

And away by the river so clear,
They carried the beautiful child,
To his own tender mother, his sister and brother,
Little Moses looked happy and smiled.
His mother so good done all that she could
To rear him and teach him with care.

And away by the sea that was red,
Little Moses the servant of God,
While in him confided, the sea was divided,
As upward he lifted his rod.
The Jews safely crossed while Pharaoh's host
Was drownded in the waters and lost.

And away on the mountain so high,
The last one that ever might see,
While in his victorious, his hope was most glorious
He'd soon o'er the Jordan be free.
When his labor did cease, he departed in peace
And rested in the Heavens above.

From: Cover Songs Performed by Bob Dylan