No More One More Time (as performed by Jo-el Sonnier)
written by Troy Seal and Dave Kirby
Intro    C    D    C    G  (twice)

G                                                                C
I should have done what I'm gonna do a long time ago
D                                                            C          G
Givin' you up, you got me down to an all time low
I've been a fool, been a fool lovin' your kind
I'm gonna try something new to get over you this time

                   G            G7           C
There'll be no more one more time
                           G                    D
Baby I might be crazy but Ill never call you baby anymore
                       G     G7                              C
You had your last second chance at this old heart of mine
                         G            D             G
And there'll be no more one more time

I'd like to say, but I can't say that it's been fun
You had my heart locked away in the dark and it could use some sun
I'm gonna miss you a lot, Honey I've got to let you go
So go on and try, maybe you'll cry, you'll never, never, never know


From: Cover Songs Performed by Bob Dylan