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The Sideman Story Vol. 4
source: Various, Some official releases
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One Too Many Mornings
Good Old Mountain Dew
I Still Miss Someone (Not listed on cover)
Careless Love
That's All Right Mama
Big River
I Walk The Line
You Are My Sunshine
Guess Things Happen That Way
Blues Yodel No. 1 (T for Texas)
Blues Yodel No. 5
Girl Of The North Country
Ring Of Fire
Ginsberg Project 'Holy Soul & Jelly Roll':
Vomit Express
Going To San Diego
September On Jessore Road
Jimmy Berman Rag
This Old Man (1)
Guitar & Harp instrumental

The Alias series of CDs are actually Pirate  CDs rather than bootlegs. It is the intent to gather together all released, or partially available tracks from various artists' projects on which Dylan appears. Each CD of the series is limited to only 500 copies. Each copy is stamped with its' individual number. This 4th volume is a slightly different story,  however. The Nashville material has not been offered in mass to the public. The 1971 Ginsberg project for Apple Records was scrapped. Only these 4 songs were made available on various, obscure releases. The Disney CD is out of print. Therefore, this CD more closely represents our definition of a boot.
© 2000 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com 
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Ins (b)
Source / Venue:
CBS Studios, Nashville, TN Feb. 17&18, 1969
Bob sings lead and harmony with Johnny Cash on each track
Allen Ginsberg: Record Plant, NY, NY Nov. 17-20, 1971
Dylan plays guitar, piano, and organ. His input is not recognizable, and most of this stuff is hard to listen to. A better quality version is on the vol.5 of this series.  It is interesting to hear Dylan's influence in Allen's & Peter Orlovsky's singing.
(1) For Our Children, various artists CD release for aid to the Children With Aids foundation. Bob sings and plays the entire song of this children's classic nursery rhyme. The annoying, dubbed in drum machine makes it a far less desirable listen than what it would have been.

Manufacturer / Catalog #
Diamonds In Your Ear 


8-9 stars
10 stars  (This Old Man)

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The first four volumes were also released as a box set

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