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The Sideman Story Vol. 5
source: Various official releases

A Dream (1)
Vomit Express (1)
Airplane Blues (2)
Jessore Road (1)
I'll Fly Away (3)
Come Back Baby (3)
I Ain't Got No Home (4)
Dear Mrs Roosevelt (4)
Grand Coulee Dam (4)
Tennessee Blues (5)
Mr. Tambourine Man (6)
People Get Ready (7)
Trust Yourself  (8)
Ballad Of Hollis Brown (9)
Just Like A Woman (10)
You Belong To Me (11)
Boogie Woogie Country Girl (12)

The Alias series of CDs are actually Pirate  CDs rather than bootlegs. It is the intent to gather together all released, or partially available tracks from various artists' projects on which Dylan appears. Each CD of the series is limited to only 500 copies. Each copy is stamped with its' individual number. bobsboots.com takes a dim view of pirate material, however. While the offering  is for the Dylan fan who doesn't want to have to purchase 9 or 10 different CDs that may only contain very minimal Dylan content, still, the artist offering this material to the public should not have to suffer the potential lost sale that this CD represents. This material is not so obscure as the first volume, and many can be found on line or ordered from local music stores.
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Source / Venue:
  (1) Record Plant,  NY, November 17-20, 1971
  (2) Rundown Studios, Santa Monica, CA  1/82
  (3) Carolyn Hester, Carolyn Hester
  (4) Tribute To Woody Guthrie, various artists 1972 release
  (5) Texas Tornado, Doug Sahm
  (6) The Byrds boxed set, Live in concert
  (7) Flashback soundtrack
  (8) Little Love Letters, Carlene Carter
  (9) Third Annual Farewell Reunion, Mike Seeger 
(10) Street Angel, Stevie Nicks
(11) Natural Born Killers soundtrack
(12) 'Til The Night Is Gone, various artists

  (1) Allen Ginsberg project. Dylan plays guitar, piano, and organ. His input is not recognizable, and most of this stuff is hard to listen to. It is interesting to hear Dylan's influence in Allen's and Peter Orlovsky's singing.
 (2) 10 years later, Dylan plays bass. Time has healed nothing.
  (3) Dylan plays harp throughout
  (4) Carnegie Hall Jan 20, 1968, released in 1972. Bob sings all.
  (5) There is a small harp part that is thought to be Bob
  (6) Bob walks on stage and takes over the vocals
  (7) This is essential Dylan. Beautiful vocals.
  (8) Bob sings backup vocals for two lines.
  (9) Dylan plays and sings the entire song. Excellent. 
(10) Stevie's beautiful version with a touch of Bob's harp
(11) Dylan plays and sings. Essential.
(12) Dylan plays and sings. Cool rock-a-billy.
Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Diamonds In Your Ear  /   63


10 stars

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