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Bob Dylan At Town Hall
source: April 12, 1963 et al

Rambling Down Through the World
Bob Dylan's Dream
All Over You (1)
Bob Dylan's New Orleans Rag
Masters Of War
Walls Of Redwing (1)
Hero Blues
Who Killed Davey Moore? (1)
With God On Our Side
Dusty Old Fairgrounds
Seven Curses *
John Brown
You've Been Hiding Too Long
Tomorrow Is A Long Time (2) 
Last Thoughts On Woody Guthrie (3)
Keep It With Mine
With God On Our Side (fragment)

This release is definitely not one of the 'labor of love' projects. It was created to sell a product.. and a shoddy one at that. The front and back covers were seemingly done by someone with a first day beginners introduction to computer graphics. There is no information whatsoever other than track list and venue. The recordings are a mess. The sound quality varies, The performance is not in order, this is not the complete concert, there are additional tracks that have nothing to do with the concert... what more can I say...
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Source / Venue:
Town Hall, NYC,   April 12, 1963 except for:
* Carnegie Hall, NYC,  October 26, 1963
Bonus tracks are mid 60's studio recordings

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
None listed
Unknown - Late 1990's
Thanks to Gil Lamont for scans
6 stars
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* There has long been confusion between the Town Hall and Carnegie Hall shows due to the fact of them being combined by Columbia for an intended live release.
(1) Available from CBS Reference Recordings
(2) Officially released on Grt. Hits II & Masterpieces
(3) Officially released on Bootleg Series 1-3
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