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Bob Dylan with the  Grateful Dead Live Vol 1  Unauthorised
source: Foxboro, MA  July 4, 1987

The Times
Man Of Peace
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
John Brown
I Want You
Ballad Of A Thin Man
Stuck Inside Of Mobile
Queen Jane Approximately
Chimes Of Freedom
Slow Train
All Along The Watchtower * 
Knockin' On Heaven's Door 

This disc was simply copied from a title called Orbiting Uvula. All Along The Watchtower was mistitled Joey on the prior release, and it has not even been corrected for this disc. This disc clocks in at just under an hour. The two missing songs from the show, Slow Train & Joey are official releases to be found on Dylan And The Dead.Along with companion vol. 2, it was manufactured in Australia in 1993. In the early 1990's there was a loophole in the copyright law there that allowed such pieces to be distributed, as long as the pieces were clearly identified as not being authorized by the Label who owned the controlling rights. Joker went overboard with the statement, and created this incredibly ugly, nameless title. The spelling of unauthorized is the Euro / Aussie spelling. The titles were sold at discount prices at grocery stores and the like.

Other commercial Foxboro bootlegs releases:

A Dream Came True
Knockin' On Foxboro's Door
Orbiting Uvula
Together We're Strong.  LP
Unreleased Live Album

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Source / Venue:
Sullivan Stadium, Foxboro, MA  July 4, 1987 
* Misidentified on cover as "Joey"

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Joker Productions / JOK-040-A


Quality:     8-9 stars

Bob's Boots ref  #       BB-b55

Thanks to Paul McKee for scans and info

Notes by Olof Björner:
First concert with The Grateful Dead. First 1987 concert.
Bob Dylan (vocal, harmonica), Jerry Garcia (guitar, steel guitar, slide guitar), Bob Weir (guitar, vocal), Phil Lesh (bass), Brent Mydland (keyboards), Bill Kreutzmann & Mickey Hart (drums).
7, 8, 10, 11, 13 backup vocals by Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir.

First live performance of John Brown since Studs Terkel Wax Museum, Chicago, Illinois, 26 April 1963
Live debuts of Queen Jane Approximately and Joey
First live performance of Chimes Of Freedom since Town Hall, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, September 1964
John Brown was selected by the Grateful Dead for release on their version of DYLAN & THE DEAD

Official release
10, 11 released on DYLAN & THE DEAD,
CBS 463 381, 6 February 1989.
10 released on Live 1961-2000 - Thirty-nine years of great concert performances, SME Records SRCS 2438, 28 February 2001
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