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Contract With The Lord II
source: Fox Warfield 1979

Solid Rock
Saving Grace, Saved
What Can I Do For You
In The Garden
Blessed Be The Name
Pressing On
In The Garden *
Trouble In Mind **

The Warfield is an incredible concert. This is the conclusion of the show that began on the companion disc "Part 1". This incredible audience recording preserves it in all it's glory. Personally, one of my favorite venues, this gospel show explodes with vocal passion to be found in few other Dylan periods. The Slow Train LP comes alive with as much or more fire than on the studio version. The Saved LP had not yet been released, and the new material is even more fresh and powerful than the studio release. Finally, a perfect studio quality six verse version of  Trouble In Mind rounds out this wonderful package. Unfortunately, the CD mastering was done incorrectly and the result is that the entire performance is about 20% slower than the original recording.
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Source / Venue:
Fox Warfield  11-16-79
  *Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, CA  Nov 20, 1979
**Muscle Shoals Studio, Sheffield, AL   4-30-79
Thanks to Gil Lamont for the detective work

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Silver Rarities  /  SIRA 13

8 stars

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 Bob's Boots ref  #  BB-c24

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