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Classic Interviews 1965-66
source: Live Interviews

San Francisco Press Conference (1)
Los Angeles Press Conference (2)
Martin Bronstein Interview (3)

Released 2003 on chromedreams
Due to the gray area surrounding the copyrights of live interviews, they can be released and marketed at will in some areas of the world. Because they are not licensed by the Label or artist, we still include them as boot recordings. This UK release comes in a wonderful looking package that includes a deluxe cardboard box and 16 page booklet with photographs and comments by Derek Barker taken from the Dylan fanzine Isis. The disc is silk screened to look like a tape reel. The CD is marketed toward the completeists who've read everything but want to hear it as the man said it.
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Tray Liner
Source / Venue:
(1) KQED Live TV Broadcast Dec. 3 1965
(2) LA Press Conference Dec. 17 1965 CBS Studios
(3)Martin Bronstein Interview

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Chrome Dreams records / CIS 2004

7-8 stars

Other Commercial Releases of San Francisco
1986- 500 #rd copies w/booklets rlsd by PDO
1987 LP by Hyway / Penthouse
1988 box set with photo
1997 release by Baktabak
Other Commercial Releases of LA 
1986 Corona Pacific Cassette

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Thanks to Huib Krijgsman for scans
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