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Emmett Grogan Acetates
and Other Rarities
source: Same

I Don't Believe You
Chimes of Freedom
Motorpsycho Nitemare
Mr. Tambourine Man
All I Really I Want To Do
Black Crow Blues
I Shall Be Free #10
All I Really Want To Do (1)
Don't Think Twice (2)
Retro Rock show featuring DA Pennebaker's 
Don't Look Back soundtrack:
Love Is Just A Four Letter Word (Baez)
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
To Sing For You (Donovan)
Talking World War III Blues
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues (3)
One Too Many Mornings (4)
Positively Fourth Street (variant mix) (5)

The Grogan material is good, solid, historically important; and of great quality. The original demo of Mr Tambourine Man with Ramblin' Jack Elliot is what was sent to the Byrds. Most of the other acetate recordings are more or less unedited versions of the official releases. The most notable difference is in All I Really Want To Do, which contains an extra verse. The bulk of the material was taken directly from the 1994 bootleg release Emmet Grogan Acetates. There is little rhyme or reason to the choice of the filler material. Mostly snippets from venues that have been booted, and/or officially released  for quite sometime. A problem with the two 1966 songs is that they are both recorded on the same track.
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Ins. (b)
Source / Venue:
CBS Studio A, NY, NY  June 9, 1964  Except:
(1) Newport Folk Festival, RI  July 26, 1964
(2) City Hall,  Newcastle, UK  May 6, 1965
     Don't Look Back soundtrack
(3) Odeon,  Liverpool, UK  May 14, 1966
(4) ABC Theatre,  Edinburgh, UK  May 20, 1966
(5) Disco Teen '66

Manufacturer / Catalog No.   /   Disc
Gunsmoke Records  /  GSR 3  /      AD 15

1996 ?
Other commercial Grogan releases:
Emmett Grogan Acetates

9-10 stars (First 8 tracks and final track)
8 stars (2)
6-7 stars*(Retro Rock Show)
(Retro Show Note* The broadcast quality recording is a 10. The rating is for the material itself taken from the soundtrack)
5 stars (3&4)

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