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Genuine Live 1966
While Establishment Burns
source: Adelphi Theatre, Dublin

Visions Of Johanna
Fourth Time Around
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
Desolation Row
Just Like A Woman
Mr. Tambourine Man
I Don't Believe You
Ballad Of A Thin Man**
One Too Many Mornings*
Like A Rolling Stone*

Six of the seven songs that were recorded at the Adelphi Theatre have been available to vinyl LP boot collectors for many years. They first appeared on CD in 1988 as 'Dublin May,5 1966'. They are not quite the quality as some of the other shows, but they are still very good. The problems include a  As it was an incomplete recording, Scorpio has rounded out the disc with some of the wildest performances of the tour. Great quality as well. These 3 songs are the only known surviving board recordings of their respective shows except for ABC's I Don't Believe You, which was officially released on Biograph.. These push the listening time to 65 minutes. There have been rumours since the 1960s of an unreleased Dylan song by the title of While The Establishment Burns. It was also the name of a fairly rare 1970 bootleg LP release.
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Sleeve Front
Sleeve Back
Adelphi Theatre, Dublin, Ireland May 5, 1966
** KB Hallen, Copenhagen, Denmark May 1, 1966
  *ABC Theatre, Edinburgh, Scotland May 20,  '66

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Scorpio  /  GBS 66-4 
Released:  2000
Quality:  7-7½ stars
Bob's Boots ref  #  BB-g13C

This 8  CD BOX contains a total of five individual releases only available in this set. They include:
A Phoenix In April
The Children's Crusade
While The Establishment Burns
A Nightly Ritual
The Genuine Royal Albert Hall Concerts
All concerts are 1966 
"A Phoenix in April" - Sydney, Australia
"The Children's Crusade" - Melbourne & Adelaide
"While The..." -  Dublin, Copenhagen, & Edinburgh
"Ritual"- Liverpool, Glasgow, Sheffield, & Birmingham
"The Genuine RAH Concerts" Manchester & London
In addition, some sets included two bonus discs of the Bristol show entitled Away From The Past
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