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Live At Jones Beach Theatre 1988
source: Wantaugh, NY June 30, 1988 

Disc one
Subterranean Homesick Blues
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
You're A Big Girl Now
Tangled Up In Blue
Masters Of War
I Shall Be Released
Stuck Inside Of Mobile
Lakes Of Pontchartrain (trad.)
Disc two
Hard Rain
Eileen Aroon (trad., arr. Clancy Brothers)
Boots Of Spanish Leather
Silvio (Dylan & Robert Hunter)
Gates Of Eden
Like A Rolling Stone
The Times
All Along The Watchtower
Maggie's Farm

This complete soundboard recording is an upgrade of the already impressive recording that appeared on the 1996 CD release: "Blown Out On The Trail". The quality here is astounding. Taken from a lower generation source tape, there's less hiss, far greater dynamic range, and the occasional digital skips that were present on the earlier release are now gone. 1988 was an exceptional year, and this performance shines as the best of the best. The many mouth-watering highlights include an electric arrangement of 'Gates Of Eden' and a magnificent 'You're A Big Girl Now'. This is, without doubt, an essential listening experience. Packaging is as a mini-LP. The cardboard gatefold cover opens to reveal sleeves that house thick paper 'Shamrock' dust covers. These generic Label logo covers protect the enclosed disc.
© 2002 Mike McGarr   Edited by CD Pinkerton

© 2002 Mike McGarr   Edited by CD Pinkerton
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Jones Beach, Wantaugh, NY June 30, 1988 

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Shamrock    /   SR- 201005/6
Released:   2001  
Quality:   10 stars

Bob's Boots ref  #   BB-L22

Thanks to Mike McGarr for scans, info, and review

Bob's Best:
This incredible sounding recording is being added to our 'Must have' boots section, as it is the best sounding show of the year. There are a couple of minor problems with the package, however, that some might need to consider. First of all, the show is 95 minutes. In my mind, 45 minute discs are quite acceptable when incorporated into a package such as this one representing a full show. 
As the trend is to pack each disc to it's bursting point, there are those that will find these CDs shorter than what they would like, though. The aesthetics fall flat, as well. While going for a simple, elegant look; it instead slips into the cold and sterile. The title has been relegated to the mundaneness of the event, and there are a couple of song titles slightly amiss as well. All of these irregularities fade away as soon as the CDs are slipped into your player.
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