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Lucky Not To Be Destroyed
source: Antibes, France 7/12/92

Disc one
Hey Joe
I Want You
Maggie's Farm
Simple Twist Of Fate
Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Stuck Inside Of Mobile
To Ramona
It Ain't Me Babe
Disc two
Desolation Row
Don't Think Twice
Highway 61 Revisited
The Times
Like A Rolling Stone
Just Like A Woman
All Along The Watchtower
Blowin' In The Wind
Lucky not to be destroyed indeed. It refers to the manufacturer's decision to commit this tape to CD. Not that it is that bad, but it isn't as good as the trader's tape. As for the show performance, well .. not the best. The band stumbles and plods. Dylan's vocals are a little grating at times. He has trouble as if he might have a cold. It's odd that this is the final show of the tour. Usually, by this point, everything is well oiled and fine tuned. Everyone has an off day now and then, though. Don't completely discount this one...  it has likable moments, and a steady, though rocky and uneven gate. The sound is warm, and the overall experience is  not unlike a quirky, annoying habit of a loved one that eventually you come to love and miss when it's no longer there.
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Pinede de Juan-Les-Pins , Antibes, France 7/12/92 

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Lucky    LR 005/6 

Released: 1997

Quality:  7 stars

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