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Not Standing in the Doorway With the Dirt Road Blues (Just Yet)
source: Various live 1997-1999

Love Sick
Million Miles
Trying To Get To Heaven
'Til I Fell In Love With You
Not Dark Yet
Cold Irons Bound
Make You Feel My Love
Can't Wait
Trying To Get To Heaven
Not Dark Yet
Love Sick

A compilation of live recordings of songs originally released on the Time Out Of Mind studio album. It's interesting to compare and contrast the studio versions of these songs with their live arrangements. Despite being compiled from a variety of different sources, recording quality is consistently very good to excellent throughout. Standing In The Doorway is omitted, as it hadn't yet been performed at the time of this CD's release. Also missing is Dirt Road Blues which, at the time of writing, has never been performed live. These two missing tracks produced the long name of this release. Packaging is standard Wild Wolf: minimal, yet smart and effective.... although several performance venues are unaccounted for on the back cover; and the performance of Highlands is not from Hollywood, June 17, 1999 (or Chula Vista, June 24, 1999) but from Amherst, 18th November 1999.
© 2002 Mike McGarr /  Bobsboots.com
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Source / Venue:
Various locations - October 1997 - November 1999

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Wild Wolf     /   97/99 
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7-10 stars
Thanks to Mike McGarr for scans and review

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