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source: Various Outtakes '63-'83

Freewheelin' outtakes:
Whatcha Gonna Do
Sally Gal
Town Hall:
Ramblin' Down Through The World
You've Been Hidin' Too Long
Suze (The Cough Song) (1)
You Don't Have To Do That (2)
Jet Pilot (3)
Working On A Guru (4)
Let Me See (5)
Lily, Rosemary, And The Jack Of Hearts (6)
Nuggets Of Rain (w/Bette Midler) (7)
Hurricane (8)
Am I Your Stepchild ? (9)
Seven Days (10)
Yonder Comes Sin (11)
Shot Of Love outtakes:
Mystery Train (Sam Phillips/ H. Parker)
Watered Down Love (w/ extra verse)
Honey Wait (12)
That's Alright Mama (13)
This release is, as the title indicates, various oddities and outtakes taken over a 20 year span. The review is mixed. The Package is fair, though not outstanding. The graphic aesthetics are weak. Full historic info on the tracks is included on the insert. The recordings are a mixed bag of rarities and standard fare in a range of sound quality. The gem that makes this package worth the price is the previously unknown You've Been Hidin' Too Long, a searing protest a'la Masters Of War. The rarely heard Working On A Guru, from a May 1, 1970 studio tape with George Harrison and Charlie Daniels is a Beatlesque pop song. Both songs are in great quality. Let Me See is little more than Bob humming a chorus to guitar chords, but it causes one to wonder if this nice sounding tune ever developed further. There are other highlights that make this a nice addition to the collection, especially for the fan of studio outtakes.
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Source / Venue:
Freewheelin' outtakes April 1962
Town Hall, NYC  April 12, 1963
 (1) The Times outtake (longer version)
 (2) BIABH outtake Jan 13, 1965
 (3) CBS studio, NYC  Oct. 1965 w/The Band
 (4) CBS studio B, NYC May 1, 1970 w/ G. Harrison
 (5) Early 80s work tape
 (6) Blood On The Tracks test pressing
 (7) Songs For The New Depression outtake
 (8) Original version & lyrics from July 30, 1975
 (9) Oakland, CA 11/13/78 used as publishing demo
(10) Tampa, FL 4/21/76 used as publishing demo
(11) Rundown Studios Oct. 1980  used as publishing demo
Shot Of Love outtakes Clover, LA, CA April/May 1981
(12) Intergalactic Studio NYC July 1984
(13) Freewheelin' outtake 
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Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Sick Cat /    SC 006 
Released:    1991
Quality:    7-9 stars
Bob's Boots ref  #   BB-o02
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