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Press Conferences 1986
source: 2/10/86 and 8/17/86

Sydney Press Conference (30 min.)
Hearts Of Fire Press Conference (30 min.)*

This is a unique package in the world of bootlegs. Hearts of Five simultaneously released the press conferences as an LP, picture disc LP, and this box set CD. All packages are based on two 5x7 photos. This CD set came in a 7"x7"x¾" square, white cardboard box. The box contains two actual 5x7 photos and the CD (which is housed in a standard jewel box). The front CD cover is a slick, glossy, black and white image of a xerox of one of the photographs. The same image is on both sides of the front insert. It also is on the front of the box lid as a 2"x2" square sticker. The only other thing on the box is a stamped number on the upper right corner of the lid. Each of the 1000 boxes were stamped with its' own number. A final nicety is the CD itself. It's a full shades of gray photo silk screen. The mirror like quality of the disc gives the photo an iridescence. The sound quality is fair. The Sydney conference was recorded from an audience portable. Though Dylan is always understandable, there is a lot of 'air space' noise. The audience questions sometimes get buried. London is a line recording, though a slightly muffled one. Dylan and the others are clear, but many audience questions are distant.
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Source / Venue:
Brett Whitely Studio, Sydney, Australia Feb.10, 1986
*National Film Theatre, London, UK  Aug. 17, 1986

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Hearts of Five / Hearts of Five CD


5 stars  (Averaged. See review)

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