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Quest for Newport
source: Quest TV & Newport '64 & '65

Newport Folk Festivals:
It's All Over Now Baby Blue
All I Really Want To Do *
To Ramona *
Mr. Tambourine Man *
Chimes Of Freedom *
Maggie's Farm
Like A Rolling Stone
It Takes A Lot To Laugh
Quest TV:
The Times 
Talkin' World War III Blues
Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll
Girl Of The North Country
Hard Rain
Restless Farewell
The primary focus of this CD is the relatively rare 1964 Canadian TV program 'Quest'. The show, entitled  The Times They Are A-Changin', was produced by Daryl Duke, & recorded on Feb.1, 1964 at the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. studio. This mono recording is from the CBC TV broadcast on March 10, 1964. It's presented here in great sound quality. The secondary focus of the package is the stereo versions of the Newport songs. Albeit super nice quality, Newport is an odd choice to couple with the Quest show. There have been many releases of Newport over the years ... mostly more complete versions. While this release is the stereo version, and includes newly found material in better quality than previously released, it would be more preferable to concentrate on the complete show in performance order. Newport is too historically important to be treated as highlighted filler material. The black and white photos are nice. The front is reproduced onto the disc itself. The graphics are fair. I find the punned CD title mildly annoying.
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Source / Venue:
   Newport Folk Festival, RI July 25, 1965
* Newport Folk Festival, RI July 26, 1964
Quest TV, CBC, Toronto, 2/01/64broadcast3/10/64

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
BD 004
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8 stars

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