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Rolling Thunder Revue
source:  The Warehouse 5/03/76

Disc one
I Love My Music
Flint Hill Special
Werewolves Of London
Rollin' Across The USA
Dear Abbie
Asshole From El Paso [Revue]
Mr Tambourine Man (a)
Love Minus Zero (a)
Vincent Van Gogh (a/b)
Maggies Farm
Eight Miles High
Jolly Roger
Lover Of The Bayou
Chestnut Mare [Roger McGuinn]
Do Right Woman
Gonna Build A Brand New World
Love Is A Pain In The Ass
Disc two
The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down
Red Telephone
Dancing In The Streets
Diamonds And Rust [Joan Baez]
Railroad Boy (Butcher Boy - trad.) (a) (w/JB)
I Pity The Poor Immigrant
Shelter From The Storm
Stuck Inside Of Mobile
Rita May
Lay Lady Lay
Idiot Wind
Knockin' On Heaven's Door[w/Roger McGuinn]
Gotta Travel On * (Clayton/Six et al)
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The Warehouse, New Orleans, LA  May 3, 1976

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Flashback 01.94.0225 2CD

7 stars

Bob's Boots ref 
# BB-r22

(a) acoustic
 (a/b) acoustic with band
(w/JB) duet with Joan Baez
* verses by:
Dylan, Baez, Friedman, McGuinn, Stoner

This is a great representation of the '76 material.  The mono soundboard recording is not up to today's standards (there is quite a bit of tape hiss), but it is right up there among the best tapes of the tour. The sonic problems disappear, however, once you concentrate on the songs (such as the way Bob draws out the words on Maggie's Farm or the happy feeling bounce of the reworked Shelter From The Storm. The performance is as good as you will find from this tour. The set includes 14 of the 16 Dylan performances. While giving a larger overview of the entire revue, the set leaves off Isis and You're A Big Girl Now. The package, typical of this label, is very sparse and unworthy of such a historical recording.
© 2001 CD Pinkerton -
© 2001 CD Pinkerton -