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Rundown To Maggie
source:  Rundown Studio

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
The Times
If You See Her Say Hello
I Don't Believe You
Tomorrow Is A Long Time
You're A Big Girl Now
Simple Twist Of Fate
If You See Her, Say Hello
I Don't Believe You
I Threw It All Away
Maggie's Farm
Repossession Blues
Girl Of The North Country
Knockin' On Heaven's Door
It's Alright Ma (I'm Only Bleeding)

This CD release from DIYE  is the 1978 tour rehearsal tape from Rundown Studio. Cleaned up slightly from TMOQ's 1989 version entitled "Moving Violation", the tracks have been edited to eliminate partial songs and all in-between take material. The quality is fairly good. There has been heavy compression on the music, and some on the vocals. The effect is that of listening to an official release CD with both hands tightly covering your ears. The vocals fare a little better in this analogy than the music. They are upfront, slightly above all mixes. The extreme high-end survives through as well. The package is odd. The cover is a black & white classic 60's 'smoking Dylan' that has been amateurishly colorized with bright neon color. The inside is a '78 photo of Dylan that has been superimposed inside of a broken phone booth. The cover folds out to reveal a mini poster with four underground comic images of Dylan. The information is minimal. The CD itself is a nice two color silk screen Dylan photo. Recommended for fans of studio outtakes and package collectors.
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Rundown Studio, Santa Monica, CA  Jan. 30, 1978

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Diamonds In Your Ear /  DIYE 12 
1990 ?
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7 stars
(6½ - music 7-vocals)
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Billy Cross - guitar
Steve Soles - guitar
Alan Pasqua piano & organ
Rob Stoner - bass
Ian Wallace - drums
Dave Mansfield - steel and violin
Andy Stein - saxophone
Frannie Eisenberg, Katie Sagal & friend - b. vocals
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