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Songs For Bonnie
source:  'Minnesota Hotel Tape 1961'

Candy Man (Rev. Gary Davis arr. of trad. song)
Baby Please Don't Go (Big Joe Williams)
Hard Times In New York Town (adapted*1)
Stealin' (Memphis Jug Band arr. of trad. song)
Poor Lazarus (Traditional)
I Ain't Got No Home (Woody Guthrie)
It's Hard To Be Blind (adapted*2)
Dink's Song (John & Alan Lomax arr. of trad. song)
Man Of Constant Sorrow (Dylan arr. of trad. song)
Naomi Wise (Traditional)
Wade In The Water (Traditional)
I Was Young When I Left Home (adapted*3)
In The Evening (Leroy Carr)
Baby Let Me Follow You Down (E.Von Schmidt)
Sally Gal (adapted*4)
Gospel Plow (Traditional)
Long John (Traditional)
Cocaine Blues (Rev. Gary Davis arr. of trad. song)
VD Blues (Woody Guthrie)
VD Waltz (Woody Guthrie)
VD City (Woody Guthrie)
VD Gunner's Blues (Woody Guthrie)
See My Grave's Kept Clean (Lemon Jefferson)
Ramblin' Round (Woody Guthrie)
Black Cross (Lord Buckley arr. of Joseph S. Newman)

The sound quality is excellent. Very clear, very clean, very enjoyable. The liner notes claim this release is in 'superior sound quality'... it is... it's great! Nice early black and white pictures, and a classy layout. The set also contains a lovely fold out booklet with a bit of a story behind the tapes. It's well written and informative. The title, of course, reflects that the tunes were recorded in Bonnie Beecher's apartment.
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'Minnesota Hotel Tape 1961'

Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Shooting Star  /  001

August 2002
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8½ stars

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* These songs were adapted by Dylan from:
1) The traditional song: "Hard Times In The Country Working On Ketty's Farm"
2) Adapted from the traditional "It's Hard To Be Poor" and Rev. Gary Davis' "There Was A Time When I Was Blind"
3) Adapted from the traditional "900 Miles"
4) Adapted from Woody Guthrie's "Sally Don't You Grieve"
In continuous release since 1969, this material was released on disc in 1994 as part of the 3 CD set entitled Minnesota Tapes. You can read a synopsis of the songs there.
Thanks to Mike McGarr for scans
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