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Tempest Storm
source: Empire Burlesque outtakes

New Danville Girl
Tight Connection To My Heart (3)
Clean Cut Kid (2)
I'll Remember You
Seeing The Real You At Last
Something's Burning Baby
Trust Yourself 
Emotionally Yours 
When The Night Comes Falling (3)
Never Gonna Be The Same Again (3)
Waiting To Get Beat (3)
Straight A's In Love (2)
The Very Thought Of You (2)
Driftin' Too Far From Shore (2)
Who Loves You More (2)
Go 'Way Little Boy  (1)
This CD is a copy of a 1994 CD from 'Wanted Man' entitled 'Outside The Empire' The tape hiss has been very slightly lowered, but it is basically the same release. There are some great songs here that should be in the collection of all fans of outtake material. The highlight is New Danville Girl. It's an earlier version of Brownsville Girl with altered lyrics. The package and aesthetics are wonderful. The front photo is nice, though not particularly flattering. It was taken by Dave Siviour at the July 05, 1984 Newcastle performance. An unknown artist has taken this 1984 image, and combined it with a 1963 image to create an impressive drawing for the back cover. The manufacturer liked it so well that they reproduced it in silk screen on the striking black on white CD. Sixteen nice looking period photos are included on the inside of the folded insert, and the tray liner is a collage of various repeating minature photos from throughout Dylan's carrer. As nice a package as this is, there is no information as to the manufacturer save for the front logo. There is no catalog number, or any other info given.
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Empire Burlesque sessions
NYC & Hollywood, CA  July 1984-April 1985
Manufacturer / Catalog No.
Soundboard Quality / None listed
Released:  1997
Quality:  8-9 stars
Bob's Boots ref  #  BB-t12

Track info:
Empire Burlesque sessions
The material is from:
Cherokee Studio
     Guitar: Ira Ingber
     Bass: Carl Sealove
     Keyboards: Vince Melamed
     Drums: Don Heffington
     Backing vocals: Madelyn Quebec
Except for:
(1) Power Station, NYC
     Guitar: Ronnie Wood
     Bass: Marvin Ettioni
     Organ: Benmont Tench
     Drums: Don Heffington
(2) Delta Sound Labs
     Guitar: Ronnie Wood
     Bass: John Davis
     Piano/synth: Bob Dylan
     Drums: Anton Fig
     Backing vocals: Carolyn Dennis
(3) Shakedown Sound Studios
     Guitar: Al Kooper
     Guitar: Mick Taylor
     Guitar: Ted Pearlman
     Guitar: Stuart Kimball
     Keyboards: Bob Dylan
     Drums: Sly Dunbar
     Bass: Robbie Shakespear
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Thanks to Wolfgang & David Hamm for scans
© 2002 CD Pinkerton -