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01-31-2002 CD added YOU CAN'T KILL AN IDEA Pt.2''
01-31-2002 CD added YOU CAN'T KILL AN IDEA Pt.1''
01-30-2002 CD added 'PHOENIX''
01-30-2002  New trader joined Manfred Germany
01-29-2002  New trader joined Fitz
01-28-2002 CD added 'TALES OF A MEXICAN PAINTER''
01-27-2002  New trader joined Ramone Ireland
01-26-2002 CD added 'CELEBRATION NIGHT''
01-24-2002  More CD cover downloads are  added
01-23-2002  New trader joined Dave Brassler
01-22-2002 CD added 'HAPPY DYLENNIUM''
01-21-2002  New trader joined Durfey
01-20-2002 CD added 'ROME INTERVIEW 2001''
01-20-2002  LP added "Blowin' In The Wind"
01-19-2002 CD added 'SOME OF THE BOOTLEGGERS....''
01-18-2002  New trader joined Gianni Italy
01-18-2002  New trader joined Joe Schafbuch
01-17-2002 CD added 'TRAINLOAD OF FOOLS''
01-16-2002CD added 'FROM THE HEART VOL 3'
01-16-2002CD added 'FROM THE HEART VOL 2'
01-15-2002 CD added 'GENUINE NEVER ENDING TOUR COVERS' New Major Release!
01-15-2002  New trader joined Shinsuke Kitagawa Japan
01-14-2002 CD added 'SPOKANE 2001'
01-14-2002  New trader joined Michael Garrett
01-13-2002CD added 'I WAS SO MUCH YOUNGER THEN'
01-13-2002  New trader joined Michael Newell New Zealand
01-12-2002 CD added 'FROM THE HEART VOL 1 '
01-12-2002  New trader joined Veronica Lambert Hall Spain
01-11-2002  New trader joined Anthony Clarke Australia
01-10-2002 CD added to Must Have 'BLUE-EYED BOSTON BOY '
01-09-2002  New trader joined Mike Jurkovic
01-09-2002  New trader joined Philip Birtwistle England
01-08-2002  New trader joined Hard Rain
01-08-2002  New trader joined Michal Czech Republic
01-07-2002 CD added 'ROVING GAMBLER'
01-06-2002  LP info updated "Troubled Troubadour"
01-06-2002  New trader joined Karl Meyer
01-06-2002  Over the past two years, there has been a massive ongoing project to correct the 
aesthetics, and attribute all links in the original  LP section. It's now completed through the 'U' section
01-05-2002CD added 'IN THE HEART OF OREGON'
01-05-2002  A hypotesis on the title of "Children's Crusade"
01-05-2002  More CD cover downloads are  added
01-04-2002  LP info updated "Live At Toads" Craig treats us to another story.
01-04-2002  LP info updated "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?"
01-03-2002  Craig has updated his personal thanks page
01-03-2002  New trader joined Brian DeRoo (This trader quit membership)
01-02-2002 CD added 'THANK YOU EV'RYBODY'
01-02-2002  New trader joined Robert Watson
01-01-2002 CD added 'TRUE CONFESSIONS'
01-01-2002  New trader joined Loris Meadows Australia

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