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03-31-2002 CD added 'SUNSET STUDIO 1965'
03-30-2002 CD added 'ISLE OF WIGHT (Wanted Man)'
03-29-2002  New trader joined christopher Norway
03-29-2002 CD added 'TAMPA DEE AND TAMPA DUM'
03-29-2002 CD added to the store 'BYRDS PLAY DYLAN'
03-28-2002 CD added 'LOVE AND THEFT LIVE'
03-28-2002  New trader joined Brian Bullock UK
03-27-2002 CD added 'LEICESTER '66'
03-26-2002 CD added 'NO MORE ALIBIS'
03-26-2002 After several suggestions over the years, we are going to start placing links on each CD page that link other releases of the same show. The idea can be seen here with "Hard Times In NYC". This is going to be a painfully slow and time consuming process, so please be patient. As you can see by this example, not only will this aid the collector who only needs one copy of the performance, but each page has different information about the venue, and allows the reader to compare titles.
03-25-2002  Tons of new downloadable covers added
03-25-2002CD added 'RARE LIVE PERFORMANCES OF THE 60s Vol. III'
03-24-2002 CD added 'NASHVILLE 1969'
03-24-2002 CD added 'SONGS THAT MADE HIM FAMOUS'
03-24-2002 CD added 'A WEEK IN THE LIFE'
03-24-2002  New trader joined Greg Pienaar South Africa
03-23-2002 CD added 'SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA 16/03/00'
03-23-2002  New trader joined Ed Martinski
03-23-2002  New trader joined Des UK
03-22-2002 CD added 'ACES AND DIAMONDS'
03-22-2002  New trader joined Gary Barritt UK
03-21-2002 CD added 'TWELVE CURSES"
03-21-2002LP info added 'Behind The Lines Of War"
03-21-2002  New trader joined Danny Munoz
03-20-2002 CD scan added 'COMPLETELY UNPLUGGED'
03-20-2002 CD scan added 'CRITIC'S CHOICE Vol. 3'
03-20-2002 CD scan added 'CHILDS BALLOON'
03-20-2002  New trader joined John Stark Finland
03-20-2002  New trader joined Bill Nolette
03-19-2002 CD scan added 'BEST WISHES'
03-19-2002CD scan added 'BE MY GUEST'
03-19-2002  New photo cube CD tray in the store
03-19-2002  New trader joined James Martin Charlton UK
03-18-2002CD added 'IN THE GARDEN 2001' New 3 CD Rlease!!!
03-18-2002CD added '20/20 VISION'
03-18-2002 CD scans added 'ALWAYS ON MY MIND Vol.2'
03-18-2002  New trader joined Marastha Netherlands
03-17-2002 CD photo added '7 YEARS OF BAD LUCK'
03-17-2002CD photo added '1965 INTERVIEW'
03-17-2002  New trader joined Joe Hollon
03-17-2002  New trader joined Donna
03-16-2002LP added 'Travellin' Man'
03-16-2002LP added 'Lost & Found'
03-16-2002 LP added 'All Hallow's Eve & More'
03-16-2002  New trader joined Calle Sandell Finland
03-16-2002  New trader joined Stephen King
03-15-2002  New trader joined Christopher Hasler
03-15-2002  New trader joined Ed Izsak
03-15-2002  New trader joined Toru Japan
03-14-2002 CD added 'LIVE AT PALAEUR'
03-14-2002  New trader joined Anna Germany
03-13-2002 CD added 'RECOVERED TREASURE'
03-12-2002 CD added 'LIVE AT JONES BEACH THEATRE 1988'
03-11-2002 CD added 'SALT FOR SALT'
03-11-2002  New trader joined Jeff Wells Canada
03-10-2002 CD added 'PLEDGING MY TIME'
03-09-2002 CD added 'FROM THE VAULTS Vol. 2'
03-08-2002  New trader joined Dan Heydt
03-07-2002  New trader joined John Hyson
03-06-2002  New trader joined Dale Minor
03-06-2002  New trader joined Shadoobee8
03-06-2002  New trader joined Reuben Herfindahl
03-05-2002 CD added 'HARD TIMES IN MARSEILLE'
03-04-2002 CD added 'EVEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS'
03-04-2002  New trader joined Chris Houston
03-03-2002  New trader joined Ahdam Ahdamakis
03-02-2002 CD added 'STRIP TEASE'
03-01-2002  New trader joined Tom Doubles
03-01-2002  New trader joined Stephen James

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