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June 2002 UPDATES
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06-30-2002 Over the past few days we've been pouring all of our efforts into the new Nag Champa section. We are now excited to offer you the beginning of a wonderful section of bobsboots.com that will allow you to experience the aroma of a Dylan show right in your own living room.
06-30-2002  New trader joined Sergio Italy
06-29-2002  New trader joined kevin UK
06-28-2002  New trader joined Kirk White  UK
06-27-2002  New trader joined Elmar Austria
New Crystal Cat:
06-26-2002 CD added 'HAMBURG 2002' New Release
06-25-2002 CD added 'COPENHAGEN 2002' New Release
In the next day or two: the other 2 new C-Cats will be added
They are: Stockholm, & Oslo
06-24-2002  New trader joined danny van de velde  Belgium
06-23-2002  New trader joined DISCS OF ROSS
06-23-2002  New trader joined Sage Sarchet
06-22-2002  New trader joined Jeremy Justus
06-21-2002 CD added 'LOVING OF LIVERPOOL' New Release
06-20-2002  New trader joined curt crawshaw
06-19-2002CD added 'I'VE  GOT A SONG TO SING'
06-18-2002  New trader joined Dave Wilson
06-18-2002  New trader joined Marc Morris  UK
06-18-2002  New trader joined Richard Bunce  England, UK
06-17-2002  New TAPE trader joined Joel Jacobsson  Sweden
06-16-2002 CD added 'LJVM 2002' New Release 
06-15-2002 CD added 'KNOXVILLE GRAIL' New Release
06-15-2002  New trader joined Tuck
06-14-2002  New trader joined Norbert Baro Germany
06-13-2002  New trader joined Daniel Fitch
06-12-2002 CD added 'SUN BEATING AT THE ALTAR'
06-11-2002 CD image added 'N.E.T. REHEARSALS '
06-10-2002 CD added 'DARK SUIT AND WHITE COWBOY HAT' New Release
06-09-2002 CD added 'ROYAL ALBERT HALL 1966'
06-09-2002  New trader joined New Pony England
06-08-2002 CD image added 'HARD TIMES IN ALABAMA '
06-07-2002 CD added 'ALL AGES CATCH BOB' New Release
06-06-2002  New trader joined Billy Edmasiton
06-05-2002 CD link added 'ABSTRACT THREATS'
06-04-2002 CD added 'I HAVE NO ONE TO MEET'
06-04-2002  New trader joined Paul Ballinger UK
06-03-2002 CD image added 'THIN WILD MERCURY MUSIC '
06-02-2002 CD images and downloads added 'RUNDOWN REHEARSAL TAPES '
06-02-2002  New trader joined Joan Muntanyola Spain
06-01-2002 CD images added 'YESTERDAY '
06-01-2002 CD images added 'THERE IS A PLACE OF BROKEN DREAMS '
06-01-2002  New trader joined Ty Raterman
06-01-2002  Congratulations to our newest Gold Star Members:

luciano colabattista, Maria Stallings, Michael Doecke, Momiage, Phil Monnier, Tim  Blake
Hermann Michels, Alessandro, Mike, Jonathan D. Waller, Nick, Michael Rae, roma245

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