Site Updates for September 2001

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09-30-2001  CD added 'LIVE AT BRAND THEATER'
09-29-2001  CD photos added 'YOU MAY CALL ME ZIMMY'
09-28-2001  CD added 'LIVE AT THE WAREHOUSE 2001 TMOQ'
09-27-2001  New trader joined Jim Johnson UK
09-26-2001  We hate to do this, but some choose not to play fair
09-25-2001  CD photo added 'BETWEEN SAVED AND SHOT'
09-24-2001  CD added 'MUSICAL RETROSPECTIVE'
09-22-2001  Where has Bob's Boots Been?
09-21-2001  CD added 'YOU AIN'T GOIN' NOWHERE'
09-20-2001  CD page added 'TMOQ JAPAN'
09-19-2001  CD added 'THE POET & THE PLAYERS'
09-19-2001  New trader joined Gerhard Cvirn Austria
09-18-2001  CD added 'TESTEMENT'
09-17-2001  CD added 'SATISFIED MAN (2001 Reissue)'
09-17-2001  New trader joined Grainofsand Italy
09-16-2001  The store has started it's import CD section
09-16-2001  Info on TMOQ is updated
09-15-2001  The store has restocked on vinyl, and added the convenience of a shopping cart. There are also some new additions including: JWH, and Limited Edition Audiophile pressings of: BOTT, BIABH, and H61R.
09-15-2001  New trader joined Gloria Britstone
09-14-2001  EP added 'Drunken Minstrels'
09-13-2001  LP photos added 'GWW - CBM'
09-12-2001  LP added 'Featuring Eric Clapton'
09-12-2001  LP photos added to 'GWW' (Several new photos are here. Check all the links under Info)
09-11-2001  LP info added to 'Stealin' including a correction to 'great white answers'
09-11-2001  Bob's Boots is written up in Entertainment Weekly
09-11-2001  New trader joined Doug Evans
09-10-2001  LP  photos added  'John Birch gwa13A'
09-09-2001  CD added 'BANJO TAPE AND NYC TOWN HALL'
09-08-2001  CD photos added 'BRIXTON BLUES'
09-07-2001  LP  added  'Bob Dylan/The Band'
09-06-2001  LP  added  'Rare autographed GWW'
09-05-2001  EP  added  'In Concerto'
09-05-2001   New trader joined Roger Sweden
09-04-2001  CD added 'VOICES OF FREEDOM'
09-04-2001   New trader joined Paolo Troiani Italy
09-03-2001  LP  added  'Dylan vs.Weberman' (Folkways release)
09-03-2001  LP  info updated  'His Master's Voice'
09-02-2001  LP  added  'Highway 80 Revisited'
09-01-2001  LP  added  'We Didn't Really Get It On Until Oakland'

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