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09-30-2002  Existing CD link added to index 'BRIXTON BLUES'
09-29-2002  CD scan added 'ROUGH CUTS'
09-29-2002  CD scan added 'PECO'S BLUES'
09-28-2002  CD added 'LONESOME LA TOWN'
09-27-2002  CD added 'DIRTY LIES'
09-26-2002  CD added 'COME BABY, ROCK ME'
09-25-2002  New trader joined Brian Ruschman USA
09-24-2002  New trader joined Beth Cox USA
09-24-2002  CD added 'PARIS FIRST 2002' New Release
09-23-2002  New trader joined MICHAEL FABIAN USA
09-22-2002  New trader joined Kevin Odegard USA
09-21-2002  New trader joined Nelson T. French USA
09-21-2002  New trader joined Mark Gilles USA
09-21-2002  CD cover scan added 'LOVE SICK'
09-21-2002  CD scan added 'LOVE MINUS ZERO'
09-21-2002  New trader joined Amerzone France
09-20-2002  CD scan added 'MAPLE LEAF GARDENS'
09-20-2002  New trader joined John Eylander USA
09-20-2002  CD scan added 'LIKE A ROLLING STONE' (Hidden TV Shows)
09-19-2002  CD scan added 'PAINT THE DAYTIME BLACK'
09-19-2002  New trader joined Kevin Kent South Africa
09-19-2002  CD scan added 'PRECIOUS MEMORIES'
09-18-2002  New trader joined andy victor UK
09-18-2002  CD added 'LES TEMPS CHANGENT'
09-17-2002  New trader joined Alissa McFaddin USA
09-17-2002  CD added 'SUPPER CLUB' New Release
09-16-2002  New trader joined Cliff Kapitsky Canada
09-16-2002  CD scan added 'HARD TO FIND VOL.3'
09-16-2002  CD scan added 'GASLIGHT TAPES 1962'
09-16-2002  CD scan added 'SONGS THAT MADE HIM FAMOUS'
09-15-2002  LP added "The Sparrow And The Byrd"
09-14-2002  CD added 'SHARP EYED SEÑOR OF THE  LOWLANDS' New Release
09-14-2002  New trader joined David Weingrad USA
09-13-2002  The Traders section was started as an off-shoot to the guide pages. However, it has become one of our more popular sections, and has grown far beyond it's allotted page space. We've spent the last week breaking it up, and reorganizing it to allow faster, smoother access.
09-13-2002  New trader joined Nick Elias Australia
09-12-2002  New trader joined Nicolas CORNET France
09-11-2002  New trader joined Steve Andrews UK
09-10-2002  CD scan added 'IN CONCERT'
09-10-2002  New trader joined itimes Ireland
09-09-2002  CD scan added 'HUSH, HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE'
09-08-2002  CD scan added 'HARD AND FAST'
09-06-2002  Article from The Age In Melbourne added to News section
09-05-2002  CD added 'SONGS FOR BONNIENew Release
09-04-2002  New trader joined Nick Bradfield Australia
09-03-2002  New trader joined Mike London USA
09-02-2002  CD added 'AND THEN I LANDED IN BRUSSELSNew Release
09-01-2002  Congratulations to our newest Gold Star Members:

Paolo Troiani, Gerhard Cvirn, Grainofsand, Gloria Britstone, Roger, andJim Johnson

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