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12-31-2001 CD added 'GASLIGHT TAPES 1962'
12-31-2001  New trader joined Josh
12-31-2001 Several new downloadable links have been added
12-31-2001 Several new titles have been added to the 'Must Have' section
12-31-2001  New trader joined Gary De Ell Canada
12-30-2001  There has been massive confusion with the "Tree With Roots" issues. We try to straighten it out here.
12-29-2001  The site information page has been updated for 2002
12-29-2001  New trader joined Whitlo
12-28-2001  LP added 'Bob Dylan' (Superbudget gwa 82B)
12-28-2001  Links to downloadable CD covers will begin to be integrated into the site
12-27-2001 CD added 'SOUNDS INSIDE MY MIND'
12-27-2001  New trader joined Ed Ribbink Netherlands
12-26-2001 CD scans added 'LOUD AND STRONG'
12-24-2001 CD added 'UNPLUGS IT ONCE MORE'
12-24-2001  New trader joined Jeremy Dixon
12-23-2001 CD scans added 'DYLAN PLAYS DEAD'
12-22-2001 CD added 'IN CHRISTIANIA'
12-21-2001  New trader joined john steffes
12-19-2001  Shopping Cart 'BUY' buttons have finally been added to the vinyl LPs in the store.
12-19-2001  New trader joined Camillo Austria
12-18-2001 CD added 'MORE SUNRISES'
12-18-2001  LP info updated 'Little White Wonder'
12-17-2001 CD added 'SAINT VALENTINE'S DAY' (TMOQ Japan)
12-17-2001  LP info updated 'GWW Live 1961'
12-17-2001  LP info added 'Live at Carnegie Hall 1963'
12-17-2001  New trader joined Daniel Small
12-16-2001 CD added 'KNIGHT OF THE HURRICANE' (TMOQ Japan)
12-16-2001  New trader joined Greg Polyn
12-16-2001  LP info added 'London Dylan'
12-16-2001  LP info added 'Live In Sydney 1978' (gwa141B)
12-16-2001  LP info added 'Live In Sydney 1978' (gwa141A)
12-16-2001  LP info added 'Live In Paris '78 '
12-16-2001  New trader joined Phil Kennedy England
12-15-2001 CD added 'TREE WITH ROOTS' (Scorpio Issue)
12-14-2001  Downloadable cover added for Münster, Germany Oct. 1, 2000
12-14-2001 CD added 'TRUE LOVE NEEDS NO COMPANY' + Downloadable cover
12-13-2001 CD scans added 'DON'T WASTE YOUR WORDS'
12-13-2001 CD added 'LAST SUPPER SERENADE'
12-12-2001  LP photos added 'Stealin' (TMOQ gwa 10Ca)'
12-12-2001  The entire Stealin' LP section has been reworked with photos, links, etc.
12-12-2001 CD added 'TIME AND AGAIN'
12-11-2001 CD added 'IT TAKES A LOT TO LAUGH'
12-11-2001  New trader joined DaveDownunder Australia
12-11-2001  LP info added 'Los Angeles 1965'
12-11-2001  LP info added 'Lost Poems'
12-11-2001  LP info added 'Love Songs For America'
12-10-2001  CD added 'EXITOS DE SIEMPRE'
12-10-2001  New trader joined Murray Lees Australia
12-09-2001  CD added 'JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY BLUES'
The New Crystal Cat 2001 CDs have been released!
The first three have been added to the site:
12-08-2001 CD added 'GOTHENBURG 2001'
12-07-2001  CD added 'BORGHOLM 2001'
12-07-2001  New trader joined Alexander Germany
12-06-2001  CD added 'BERGEN 2001'
12-06-2001  CD back cover added 'ACETATES VOL. 4'
12-06-2001  New trader joined Kevin Scott Canada
12-05-2001  CD added 'THE GENUINE SUPPER CLUB'
12-05-2001  New trader joined Glyn Worwood Wales
12-04-2001  CD added 'THE SOUND OF SILENCE'
11-04-2001  New trader joined Matthew Ray
12-03-2001  CD added 'NORTH STAGE'
12-02-2001  CD added 'FROM THE COAST OF BARCELONA'
12-02-2001  Links were added to RMD posters favorite boots for ease of navigation
12-01-2001  CD added 'THE MAN, THE MASTER'

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