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7-31-2000  Four new CDs were added. 'The Acetates on the Tracks' series
7-29-2000  For the next several days there will be site modifications in prep for the CD pages
7-28-2000  The Poster section starts off with a great find! A full promo kit for the Hard Rain LP!
7-27-2000  The 1985 German LP 'Blowin' in the Wind' was added
7-26-2000  The U2 LP 'Back in God's Country' was added
7-25-2000  Some of Bob's many awards were given a home today
7-23-2000  All known Bangla Desh LPs were added to the site today
7-22-2000  MSG 8-1-71 LP was added to site. All Bangla Desh LPs will follow in a day or so.
7-21-2000  Bob Dylan/The Band LP info and photo was updated
7-20-2000  A link was put up on the info page to the TMQ 'Cartoon series' covers
7-19-2000  The 1969 Rolling Stone article on the release of 'GWW' was returned to the site after several requests.
7-18-2000  Dylan 1 & 2 LPs were fully updated.
7-17-2000  Great White Wonder II LP was fully updated.
7-16-2000  Addition of an interesting new Record Label logos section. See all of your favorite artwork.

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