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12-31-2001CD added 'GASLIGHT TAPES 1962'
12-31-2001  New trader joined Josh
12-31-2001Several new downloadable links have been added
12-31-2001Several new titles have been added to the 'Must Have' section
12-31-2001  New trader joined Gary De Ell Canada
12-30-2001  There has been massive confusion with the "Tree With Roots" issues. We try to straighten it out here.
12-29-2001  The site information page has been updated for 2002
12-29-2001  New trader joined Whitlo
12-28-2001  LP added 'Bob Dylan' (Superbudget gwa 82B)
12-28-2001  Links to downloadable CD covers will begin to be integrated into the site
12-27-2001 CD added 'SOUNDS INSIDE MY MIND'
12-27-2001  New trader joined Ed Ribbink Netherlands
12-26-2001 CD scans added 'LOUD AND STRONG'
12-24-2001 CD added 'UNPLUGS IT ONCE MORE'
12-24-2001  New trader joined Jeremy Dixon
12-23-2001 CD scans added 'DYLAN PLAYS DEAD'
12-22-2001CD added 'IN CHRISTIANIA'
12-21-2001  New trader joined john steffes
12-19-2001  Shopping Cart 'BUY' buttons have finally been added to the vinyl LPs in the store.
12-19-2001  New trader joined Camillo Austria
12-18-2001 CD added 'MORE SUNRISES'
12-18-2001  LP info updated 'Little White Wonder'
12-17-2001 CD added 'SAINT VALENTINE'S DAY' (TMOQ Japan)
12-17-2001  LP info updated 'GWW Live 1961'
12-17-2001  LP info added 'Live at Carnegie Hall 1963'
12-17-2001  New trader joined Daniel Small
12-16-2001CD added 'KNIGHT OF THE HURRICANE' (TMOQ Japan)
12-16-2001  New trader joined Greg Polyn
12-16-2001  LP info added 'London Dylan'
12-16-2001  LP info added 'Live In Sydney 1978' (gwa141B)
12-16-2001  LP info added 'Live In Sydney 1978' (gwa141A)
12-16-2001  LP info added 'Live In Paris '78 '
12-16-2001  New trader joined Phil Kennedy England
12-15-2001CD added 'TREE WITH ROOTS' (Scorpio Issue)
12-14-2001  Downloadable cover added for Münster, Germany Oct. 1, 2000
12-14-2001 CD added 'TRUE LOVE NEEDS NO COMPANY' + Downloadable cover
12-13-2001 CD scans added 'DON'T WASTE YOUR WORDS'
12-13-2001 CD added 'LAST SUPPER SERENADE'
12-12-2001  LP photos added 'Stealin' (TMOQ gwa 10Ca)'
12-12-2001  The entire Stealin' LP section has been reworked with photos, links, etc.
12-12-2001 CD added 'TIME AND AGAIN'
12-11-2001CD added 'IT TAKES A LOT TO LAUGH'
12-11-2001  New trader joined DaveDownunder Australia
12-11-2001  LP info added 'Los Angeles 1965'
12-11-2001  LP info added 'Lost Poems'
12-11-2001  LP info added 'Love Songs For America'
12-10-2001  CD added 'EXITOS DE SIEMPRE'
12-10-2001  New trader joined Murray Lees Australia
12-09-2001  CD added 'JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY BLUES'
The New Crystal Cat 2001 CDs have been released!
The first three have been added to the site:
12-08-2001 CD added 'GOTHENBURG 2001'
12-07-2001  CD added 'BORGHOLM 2001'
12-07-2001  New trader joined Alexander Germany
12-06-2001  CD added 'BERGEN 2001'
12-06-2001  CD back cover added 'ACETATES VOL. 4'
12-06-2001  New trader joined Kevin Scott Canada
12-05-2001  CD added 'THE GENUINE SUPPER CLUB'
12-05-2001  New trader joined Glyn Worwood Wales
12-04-2001  CD added 'THE SOUND OF SILENCE'
12-04-2001  New trader joined Matthew Ray
12-03-2001  CD added 'NORTH STAGE'
12-02-2001  CD added 'FROM THE COAST OF BARCELONA'
12-02-2001  Links were added to RMD posters favorite boots for ease of navigation
12-01-2001  CD added 'THE MAN, THE MASTER'
11-30-2001  CD info & scans updated 'AS GOOD AS IT GETS'
11-30-2001  New trader joined John Hannaway
11-29-2001  CD added 'SOUL'
11-29-2001  New trader joined Scott Jason
11-28-2001  LP added 'Trembling Wilburys Ultra Rare Trax'
11-27-2001  CD added 'SAN JOSE REVISTED'
11-27-2001  LP scans added 'Burn Some More'
11-26-2001  CD added 'COCAINE BLUES'
11-25-2001  CD added 'GOSPELLER'
11-24-2001  CD added 'LAGUNA BEACH'
11-24-2001  CD added 'LOUD AND STRONG'
11-24-2001  New trader joined Chris Fries
11-23-2001  CD added 'UNCUT UNPLUGGED'
11-23-2001  New trader joined Nick Stevenson Scotland
11-23-2001  New trader joined Jake McGee
11-22-2001  CD added 'ANGELS ON HIS WING'
11-22-2001  New trader joined GRANT
11-21-2001  CD added 'THINGS HAVE CHANGED'
11-21-2001  New trader joined Norbert Dierks Germany
11-21-2001  LP scan added full size 'Talkin Bear Mt. TMOQ insert'
11-20-2001  CD added 'GOING GOING GUAM' NEW- Also added to Must Have section.
11-20-2001  New trader joined Martin L. Austria
11-19-2001  CD added 'HARD AND FAST'
11-19-2001  CD added 'REAL SOUND'
11-19-2001  New trader joined Robert McLuckie
11-18-2001  CD added 'SUMMER NIGHT 1995'
11-18-2001  Introduction to boot traders has been translated into several languages
11-17-2001  Traders list has been updated with country links
11-16-2001  CD added 'WHEN FRIENDS ARE COMING'
11-16-2001  New trader joined gipeto Italy
11-15-2001  CD added 'PRECIOUS MEMORIES'
11-14-2001  New section added "Our Favorite Emails"
11-14-2001  New trader joined Ron A
11-14-2001  CD added 'SINGING WITH THE CROW'
11-13-2001  CD added 'CAN'T  WAIT Vol. 2'
11-13-2001  New trader joined Tim McAllister
11-12-2001  CD added 'CAN'T  WAIT Vol. 1'
11-12-2001  New trader joined Vicki
11-11-2001  CD added 'BUDOKAN 2001 REVISITED'
11-10-2001  CD photos added 'BROADSIDE'
11-10-2001  CD photo added 'BE MY GUEST!'
11-09-2001  CD added 'THEY DON'T DESERVE IT!'
11-09-2001  New trader joined Edward Hunton UK
11-08-2001  London Wembley Arena 1st Eve. 2000 CD cover added to downloads
11-07-2001  CD added 'ATLANTIC CITY 27.02.99 '
11-06-2001  CD added 'SENSEI'
11-05-2001  CD added 'ANNIVERSARY CONCERT'
11-05-2001  New trader joined Uncle Dogs UK
11-04-2001  CD added 'ANCIENT ODES'
11-03-2001  CD added '1965 INTERVIEW'
11-02-2001  CD added '12/-A POUND'
11-01-2001  New trader joined BRIAN MACKENZIE UK
10-31-2001  CD added '30 YEARS ON THE ROAD'
10-30-2001  CD added 'LJUBLJANA '91'
10-29-2001  CD added 'TALKING TOO MUCH'
10-28-2001  CD added 'HARD TO FIND VOL 6'
10-27-2001  CD added 'HARD TO FIND VOL 3'
10-26-2001  EP set added 'Church With No Upstairs"
10-25-2001  CD added 'ALWAYS ON MY MIND Vol.2'
10-24-2001  CD photos added 'ALWAYS ON MY MIND Vol.1'
10-22-2001  LP added 'Together / Alone"
10-21-2001  LPs added 'Let Me Die In My Footsteps' the complete history
10-21-2001  New trader joined Bill Reed
10-21-2001  New trader joined Simon Cardwell UK
10-19-2001  CD added 'THE COMPLETE LAST WALTZ'
10-19-2001  New trader joined Michelle
10-18-2001  New trader joined Whatbob New Zealand
10-18-2001  New trader joined Giulio Italy
10-17-2001  CD added 'LONESOME TOWN'
10-17-2001  New trader joined James Preston UK
10-17-2001  New trader joined Gianfranco Italy
10-16-2001  CD added '7 YEARS OF BAD LUCK'
10-16-2001  New trader joined Adam "NEWBIE" Albright
10-15-2001  New trader joined Cory Cosens
10-14-2001  LP added 'Inspiration'
10-13-2001  New trader joined Ed Fornataro
10-13-2001  New trader joined Brian
10-13-2001  New trader joined Jim McLean UK
10-12-2001  CD added 'WOODSTOCK '94'
10-11-2001  CD photos added 'ALL ALONG THE ROSELAND'
10-10-2001  LP added 'Let Me Die In My Footsteps 52C'
10-09-2001  New trader joined Dave Hughes UK
10-09-2001  New trader joined Martin Barrack Australia
10-08-2001  LP added 'Let Me Die In My Footsteps 52A'
10-07-2001  CD added 'STUMBLIN ALONG'
10-07-2001  New trader joined Lee
10-06-2001  LP photos added 'Jokerman Plays the Arena'
10-06-2001  LP photos added 'Joint Adventures'
10-05-2001  LP photos added 'John Birch's Massacre' 
10-05-2001  LP photos added 'John Birch' (Berkeley - gwa13D)
10-05-2001  LP info updated 'Its Christmas, Jokerman'
10-04-2001  LP photos added 'In Search Of Relief'
10-04-2001  CD added 'INFINITY ON TRIAL'
10-04-2001  New trader joined Ethan Karsen
10-03-2001  CD added 'ROTTERDAM '78'
10-02-2001  A Bobsboots.com exclusive Lithograph "Oh Mercy" is now in the store. 
A great Christmas present for your favorite Dylan fan
10-01-2001  CD added 'ALL AMERICAN BOY'
10-01-2001  New trader joined Toine Piscaer Netherlands
09-30-2001  CD added 'LIVE AT BRAND THEATER'
09-29-2001  CD photos added 'YOU MAY CALL ME ZIMMY'
09-28-2001  CD added 'LIVE AT THE WAREHOUSE 2001 TMOQ'
09-27-2001  New trader joined Jim Johnson UK
09-26-2001  We hate to do this, but some choose not to play fair
09-25-2001  CD photo added 'BETWEEN SAVED AND SHOT'
09-24-2001  CD added 'MUSICAL RETROSPECTIVE'
09-22-2001  Where has Bob's Boots Been?
09-21-2001  CD added 'YOU AIN'T GOIN' NOWHERE'
09-20-2001  CD page added 'TMOQ JAPAN'
09-19-2001  CD added 'THE POET & THE PLAYERS'
09-19-2001  New trader joined Gerhard CvirnAustria
09-18-2001  CD added 'TESTEMENT'
09-17-2001  CD added 'SATISFIED MAN (2001 Reissue)'
09-17-2001  New trader joined Grainofsand Italy
09-16-2001  The store has started it's import CD section
09-16-2001  Info on TMOQ is updated
09-15-2001  The store has restocked on vinyl, and added the convenience of a shopping cart. There are also some new additions including: JWH, and Limited Edition Audiophile pressings of: BOTT, BIABH, and H61R.
09-15-2001  New trader joined Gloria Britstone
09-14-2001  EP added 'Drunken Minstrels'
09-13-2001  LP photos added 'GWW - CBM'
09-12-2001  LP added 'Featuring Eric Clapton'
09-12-2001  LP photos added to 'GWW' (Several new photos are here. Check all the links under Info)
09-11-2001  LP info added to 'Stealin' including a correction to 'great white answers'
09-11-2001  Bob's Boots is written up in Entertainment Weekly
09-11-2001  New trader joined Doug Evans
09-10-2001  LP  photos added  'John Birch gwa13A'
09-09-2001  CD added 'BANJO TAPE AND NYC TOWN HALL'
09-08-2001  CD photos added 'BRIXTON BLUES'
09-07-2001  LP  added  'Bob Dylan/The Band'
09-06-2001  LP  added  'Rare autographed GWW'
09-05-2001  EP  added  'In Concerto'
09-05-2001   New trader joined Roger Sweden
09-04-2001  CD added 'VOICES OF FREEDOM'
09-04-2001   New trader joined Paolo Troiani Italy
09-03-2001  LP  added  'Dylan vs.Weberman' (Folkways release)
09-03-2001  LP  info updated  'His Master's Voice'
09-02-2001  LP  added  'Highway 80 Revisited'
09-01-2001  LP  added  'We Didn't Really Get It On Until Oakland'
08-31-2001  CD added 'BEST OF THE BASEMENT TAPES'
08-30-2001  LP  added  'Approximately'
08-29-2001  LP  added  '½ Great White Wonder'
08-28-2001  LP  info added 'Grudge Match'
08-28-2001  LP  info added 'Going, Going, Gothenburg'
08-28-2001  CD info updated  added 'DUELLING BANJOS'
08-27-2001  CD added 'NOTHING BUT YOU'
08-27-2001   New trader joined Michael
08-26-2001  LP  added 'Freewheeler Tangled Up In Blood'
08-26-2001  A Massive project is under way that is correcting the aesthetics and minor details on all of the site's original LP pages. As of now the pages are corrected through the 'F' section. 
08-25-2001  The Bob's Boots site is being translated into Japanese by Atsushi Terada 
08-25-2001  LP  info updated 'Four Times Around'
08-24-2001  CD  added 'YOUR VOICE WAS ALL THAT I HEARD VOL.1'
08-24-2001  CD  added 'YOUR VOICE WAS ALL THAT I HEARD VOL.2 '
08-23-2001  CD  added 'CRITIC'S CHOICE 5&6 '
08-22-2001  CD  photos added 'BACKBUSHE'
08-21-2001  CD  added 'YOU DON'T KNOW ME '
08-21-2001   New trader joined Sandy WhitelawUnited Kingdom
08-20-2001  CD  photos added 'BACK IN THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL '
08-19-2001  CD  added 'HARD TO FIND VOL. 7 '
08-18-2001  CD  photos added 'DRESSED UP LIKE A SQUIRE'
08-18-2001   New trader joined David Williams
08-17-2001  CD  added 'HUNTED (LIKE A CROCODILE) '
08-17-2001   New trader joined Kyle Harris
08-16-2001  LP  added 'Live 1987'
08-15-2001  CD  added 'THE VIOLENCE OF A SUMMER'S DREAM '
08-15-2001   New trader joined Panther D’Mazzio
08-14-2001  LP  added 'Over Europe'
08-13-2001  LP  added 'Special Edition'
08-12-2001  LP  added 'Rarities Vol. II'
08-11-2001  CD  added 'ALL ALONG THE ROSELAND '
08-10-2001  CD  added 'WILD CATHEDRAL EVENING '
08-09-2001  LP  added 'Great White Father'
08-09-2001   New trader joined Jean SchrijenNetherlands
08-08-2001  EP  added 'Talkin' New York'
08-07-2001   New trader joined Sven HultSweden
08-06-2001  LP  added 'Lovesongs For America'
08-05-2001  LP  added 'Grabado En Directo'
08-05-2001   New trader joined Torgeir NNorway
08-04-2001   New trader joined Hanspeter SpiessSwitzerland
08-03-2001  CD  photos  added 'AT THE GLOBE ARENA'
08-03-2001   New trader joined Greg JohnsonUnited Kingdom
08-03-2001   New trader joined Keith Alan Deutsch
08-02-2001  CD  photo added 'BLOOD ON THE TAPES'
08-01-2001  CD  photo added 'BLOOD AND THUNDER'
07-31-2001  CD  photos  added 'BLUE-EYED BOSTON BOY'
07-31-2001  CD  photos  added 'BORN AGAIN MUSIC'
07-30-2001  CD  photos  added 'BACK AT WOLFTRAP'
07-29-2001  CD  added 'AFTER THE CRASH VOL.2'
07-28-2001  CD  added 'DIMESTORE MEDICINE'
07-28-2001   New trader joined GoodbracAustralia
07-27-2001   New trader joined Patrick Stumler
07-26-2001  CD  added 'AFTER THE HEARTATTACK
07-26-2001  CD  added 'AFTER THE HEARTATTACK II '
07-26-2001  CD  photos  added 'ALL HALLOWS EVE & MORE'
07-26-2001   New trader joined AppleberryItaly
07-26-2001   New trader joined Mike Davis
07-24-2001  CD  added 'BOB'S FULL HOUSE '
07-24-2001   New trader joined Rob Stephens
07-23-2001  CD  photos  added 'ACOUSTIC THUNDER'
07-22-2001   New trader joined Kevinfree
07-22-2001  CD  photos  added 'ACETATES ON THE TRACKS 1'
07-22-2001  CD  photos  added 'ACETATES ON THE TRACKS 2 '
07-22-2001  CD  photos  added 'ACETATES ON THE TRACKS 3'
07-22-2001  CD  photos  added 'ACETATES ON THE TRACKS 4 '
07-22-2001   New trader joined Steve Molmen
07-22-2001  CD  photos  added 'BATHED IN A STREAM OF PURE HEAT '
07-21-2001  LP  photo  added 'Approximately '
07-20-2001   New trader joined Aaron Trzeciak
07-19-2001  CD  added 'ALIAS BOX SET '
07-18-2001  CD  photos  added 'COWBOY ANGEL BLUES '
07-18-2001  CD  photos  added 'CREATURES VOID OF FORM '
07-17-2001  CD  added 'AFTER THE CRASH VOL. 1 '
07-17-2001  CD  photos  added 'Alias 4 '
07-17-2001  CD  photos  added 'Alias 5 '
07-14-2001  CD  added 'DEEDS OF MERCY ' OMR REISSUE
07-14-2001   New Tape trader joined Andrew Monson
07-13-2001  CD  added 'ACE OF CLUBS '
07-13-2001   New trader joined Mark Turrell
07-11-2001  CD  added 'TREE WITH ROOTS ' Just Released This Week!!!
07-10-2001  CD  added 'THE  WICKED MESSENGER '
07-09-2001  CD  added 'YOU GOTTA SERVE SOMEBODY '
07-09-2001   New trader joined Rob
07-08-2001  New Photos have been added to the photo section
07-08-2001  CD  added 'BOB  DYLAN IS THE ONE '
07-07-2001  New Photos have been added to the photo section
07-06-2001  CD  added 'THERE'S A PLACE OF BROKEN DREAMS '
07-06-2001  New Photos have been added to the photo section
07-05-2001  CD  added 'LIVE '
07-04-2001  CD  added 'ROADMAPS FOR THE SOUL '
07-03-2001  CD  added 'TOUR DIARY 1997 - ON THE ROAD TO THE HIGHLANDS '
07-02-2001   New trader joined Robert Morris
07-02-2001  We have a new Guestbook! Stop by to let us know what you think.
07-01-2001  CD  added 'INSIDE THE RAIN '
06-29-2001  CD  added 'OH TRAMPS, IT AIN'T NO LIE'
06-28-2001  CD  added 'ESCAPING ON THE RUN VOL 2'
06-28-2001  CD  added 'ESCAPING ON THE RUN VOL 1'
06-27-2001  LP  added 'Temporary Like Bob Dylan'
06-27-2001   New trader joined roma245
06-26-2001   New trader joined Michael Rae
06-25-2001   New trader joined Nick
06-25-2001  LP  added 'The Night The Review Came To Boston'
06-24-2001  LP  added 'Concert for Sam & Larry'
06-23-2001  CD  added 'BOOTLEG'
06-23-2001   New trader joined Jonathan D. Waller
06-22-2001  CD  added 'BOB'S FULL HOUSE'
06-22-2001   New trader joined Mike
06-21-2001  CD  added 'BOBFEST REHEARSALS'
06-21-2001   New trader joined Alessandro
06-20-2001  CD  added 'THE PROPHET AND THE CLOWN'
06-20-2001   New Hand Signed Poster available at the store
06-20-2001   New trader joined Hermann Michels
06-19-2001  CD  added 'THE COMPLETE SUPPER CLUB VOL 1'
06-19-2001  CD  added 'THE COMPLETE SUPPER CLUB VOL 2'
06-19-2001  CD  added 'THE COMPLETE SUPPER CLUB VOL 3'
06-19-2001  CD  added 'THE COMPLETE SUPPER CLUB VOL 4'
06-19-2001   New trader joined Tim  Blake
06-18-2001  CD  added 'LONSOME TOWN VOL. 1'
06-18-2001  CD  added 'LONSOME TOWN VOL. 2'
06-17-2001  CD  added 'THE DEEDS OF MERCY'
06-15-2001  CD  scans added 'ALIAS - THE SIDEMAN STORY VOL 3 '
06-15-2001  CD  scans added 'ALIAS - THE SIDEMAN STORY VOL 2 '
06-15-2001  CD  scans added 'ALIAS - THE SIDEMAN STORY VOL 1 '
06-15-2001   New trader joined Phil Monnier
06-14-2001  CD  added 'BEFORE THE FLOOD & AFTER THE FIRE '
06-14-2001  CD  scans added 'THE NEVER ENDING TOUR '
06-13-2001  CD  added 'THE FRENCH GIRL '
06-12-2001  CD  added 'BLACKBUSHE '
06-12-2001   New trader joined Momiage
06-12-2001  After a considerable amount of work, we now have listed the CD scans and info that we are in need of. Please take the time to look over this list. If there are any scans and/or info that you could provide, we would truly appreciate it.
06-11-2001  CD  added 'THROUGH A GLASS DARKLY '
06-11-2001   New trader joined Carl Stenderg
06-10-2001  CD  added 'BITTERSWEET '
06-10-2001  Bob's Boots CD Need list now completed through 'O'
06-09-2001  CD  added 'PATHWAY TO THE STARS '
06-09-2001   New trader joined Michael Doecke
06-08-2001  CD  added 'DYLAN PLAYS DEAD '
06-08-2001   New VINYL trader joined Maria Stallings
06-08-2001  Bob's Boots CD Need list completed through ' I '
06-07-2001  New 'downloadable' CD cover added
06-07-2001  For some time now, readers have asked for a list of what we need. The CD list has begun.
06-07-2001   New trader joined luciano colabattista
06-06-2001  CD  added 'BIG BOB & THE HOLDING COMPANY '
06-04-2001  CD  added 'TALES OF YANKEE POWER '
06-02-2001  CD  added 'THE BANJO TAPE & NYC TOWN HALL '
06-01-2001  CD  added 'BALLAD OF BOB & JERRY '
05-24-2001  CD  added 'LIVE IN NEW YORK 1964'
05-23-2001  CD  Photos added. All back cover photos in 'L' section now include spines.
05-22-2001  CD  Photos added. All back cover photos in 'I', 'J', & 'K' section now include spines.
05-21-2001  CD  Photos added. All back cover photos in 'H' section now include spines.
05-20-2001  CD  added 'THE LIVE DYLAN WITH THE BAND'
05-20-2001   New trader joined Hoppy
05-19-2001  CD  Photos added. All back cover photos in 'G' section now include spines.
05-18-2001  New 'downloadable' CD covers added
05-18-2001   New trader joined Tomas Bos
05-17-2001  CD  manufacturer logos added
05-16-2001  CD  Photos added. All back cover photos in 'E' & 'F' section now include spines.
05-16-2001   New trader joined Dave
05-15-2001  CD  added 'STUCK INSIDE OF ROSELAND'
05-15-2001   New trader joined Oscar Widegren
05-14-2001  CD  Photos added. All back cover photos in 'D' section now include spines.
05-13-2001  CD  added 'NORTHERN SONGS'
05-12-2001  CD  added 'MR. TAMBOURINE MAN VOL 4'
05-11-2001  CD  added 'Portsmouth 2000 2nd Eve. '
05-10-2001  CD  added 'SHEFFIELD 2000 '
05-09-2001   LP  added  'Live In Dortmund '87'
05-08-2001  New 'downloadable' CD cover added
05-07-2001  CD  added 'SOMEBODY TOUCHED ME '
05-07-2001   New trader joined Jan-Alf
05-06-2001  CD  added 'CENTER  STAGE '
05-06-2001   New trader joined Milad Alami
05-05-2001   LP  added  'By the Time We Got to Blackbushe'
05-04-2001  CD  added 'MR. TAMBOURINE MAN VOL 3'
05-03-2001  CD  added 'MR. TAMBOURINE MAN VOL 2 '
05-02-2001   New trader joined Steven Paul
05-01-2001   LP  added  'The Jokerman Plays Berlin'
05-01-2001   New trader joined Nagaoka
04-30-2001  CD  added 'PARIS LE ZENITH 2000'
04-30-2001   New trader joined Stefan Will
04-29-2001  CD  added 'NEWCASTLE TELEWEST ARENA 2000'
04-29-2001   New trader joined Lars Haltbrekken
04-28-2001  CD  added 'DUBLIN VICAR STREET 2000'
04-28-2001   New trader joined Dave Clark
04-27-2001  CD  added 'ABERDEEN 2000'
04-27-2001   New trader joined Beau J. Gilley
04-27-2001   New trader joined Jamie Reeve
04-26-2001  CD  added 'MR. TAMBOURINE MAN '
04-25-2001   LP  added  'Frankie Meets Bobby'
04-24-2001   EP  added  'Get Together black'
04-24-2001   EP  added  'Get Together gold'
04-23-2001   EP  added  'Get Together promo'
04-23-2001   New trader joined Joe Herrin
04-22-2001  CD  added 'TOMORROW NIGHTS '
04-22-2001   New trader joined Stephen Walker
04-22-2001   New trader joined ap
04-20-2001   New trader joined JOE680
04-20-2001   New trader joined Mark Finlayson
04-19-2001   LP  added  'Secret Dossiers'
04-18-2001  CD  added 'LIVE! THE SILVER WILBURYS '
04-18-2001   New trader joined Robert Cook
04-17-2001  CD  added 'STUDS TERKEL'S WAX MUSEUM  '
04-17-2001   New trader joined Kaj Borum
04-16-2001  New section of 'downloadable' CD covers added
04-16-2001  CD  added 'STOP CRYING '
04-16-2001  CD  added 'STAYING HERE WITH YOU '
04-16-2001  New CD added to 'Must Have' section
04-15-2001  CD  added 'STARS FROM THE DARKEST NIGHT '
04-15-2001  CD  added 'SONGS FROM THE SOUNDBOARD '97 '
04-14-2001   LP  added  'at the Aisle of Wight'
04-14-2001  CD  added 'SOLID ROCK '
04-14-2001  CD  added 'SIX DAYS IN JUNE 3 '
04-14-2001  CD  added 'SIX DAYS IN JUNE 2 '
04-13-2001   LP  info updated  'Bangor, Maine'
04-13-2001   LP  added  'Bootleg Series Vol. 4'
04-13-2001   New trader joined David
04-13-2001   New trader joined S Payne
04-12-2001   LP  added  'Rarities Vol. I'
04-12-2001   EP  added  'Wallflower'
04-12-2001   New trader joined Andrea Falesi
04-11-2001   LP  added  'Carriage of the First Degree'
04-11-2001   LP  added  'More Infidels'
04-10-2001   LP added  'High Voltage'
04-10-2001   New trader joined Klaeton
04-09-2001  CD  added 'EATING CAVIAR IN A KING-SIZED BED '
04-09-2001   LP  added  'Dreams'
04-09-2001  New CD added to 'Must Have' section
04-09-2001   New trader joined Derek Olson
04-08-2001  CD  added 'PRESS CONFERENCES 1986'
04-08-2001   LP  added  'Press Conferences 1986 pic disc'
04-08-2001   LP  added  'Press Conferences 1986'
04-07-2001   LP  added  'Bob Dylan Live With The Band, Al Kooper & Mike Bloomfield'
04-07-2001   New trader joined Doug Lilly
04-06-2001   LP  added  'He's Your Lover Now'
04-06-2001  New CDs added to 'Must Have' section
04-05-2001  CD  added 'MAPLELEAF GARDENS 1975 '
04-05-2001  CD  scan added 'DARK NIGHT ON THE SPANISH STAIRS '
04-04-2001   LP  added  'Isle of Wight DP 1003 version'
04-04-2001   LP  photos added  'Isle of Wight TMOQ'
04-04-2001   LP  photos added  'Isle of Wight Peace/Piece'
04-04-2001   New trader joined Jenni
04-04-2001   New trader joined Larry Fishman
04-03-2001   LP  added  'A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall'
04-03-2001   New trader joined Carlo Marx
04-02-2001   LP  added  'Majestic Bells of Bolts'
04-02-2001   New trader joined Matt Puczko
04-01-2001  CD  added 'SONGS FOR PATTY VALENTINE '
04-01-2001   New trader joined Neil Swann
03-31-2001  CD  photos added 'AVIGNON '
03-31-2001   New trader joined Tony Patricca
03-30-2001  CD  added 'THE CHILD'S BALLOON '
03-29-2001   New section added 'Locator for hard to find site items'
03-28-2001   LP  added  '20 Years Have Passed Already'
03-28-2001   LP  photos added  'Stars of '66 Vol.2'
03-27-2001   LP  info updated  'Live Down Under'
03-27-2001  CD  added 'PORTSMOUTH  2000 '
03-27-2001  CD  added 'GLASGOW  2000 '
03-26-2001  CD  added 'FRANKFURT 2000 '
03-25-2001   LP  photos added  'Stars of '66 Vol. 1'
03-25-2001   LP  added  'Wild Cathedral Evening'
03-25-2001   New trader joined Paul McConnellogue 
03-24-2001   LP  added  'RAH Bulldog pic disc'
03-24-2001   LP  photos added  'Spanish Boot'
03-24-2001   LP  photos added  'Spanish Leather'
03-23-2001   LP  photos added  'Slice of Swingin' Pig'
03-23-2001   LP  photos added  'Soldier Sons'
03-23-2001   LP  photos added  'Smoothing'
03-22-2001  CD  added 'THE WITMARK YEARS '
03-22-2001   LP  photos added  'Barbed Wire Blues'
03-22-2001   New trader joined Liz Nickolychik
03-22-2001   New trader joined Bruce Feary
03-22-2001   New trader joined John Bucher
03-21-2001   LP  photos added  'Black nite crash'
03-21-2001   LP  photos added  'Rundown Studios full cover'
03-21-2001   LP  photos added  'Rundown Studios insert'
03-21-2001   New trader joined Dean
03-20-2001   LP  photos added  'Real Cuts At Last'
03-20-2001   LP  photos added  'Rock & Roll Hall of Fame pic disc'
03-20-2001   LP  photos added  'Rock & Roll Hall of Fame'
03-19-2001  CD  info updated 'ACE OF CLUBS '
03-19-2001   LP  photos added  'Royal Albert Hall Toasted'
03-19-2001   LP  photos added  'Royal Albert Hall Bulldog'
03-19-2001   LP  photos added  'Royal Albert Hall Swingin' Pig'
03-19-2001   LP  photos added  'Royal Albert Hall TAKRL'
03-18-2001   LP  photos added  'Royal Albert Hall TMQ115'
03-18-2001   LP  photos added  'Royal Albert Hall TMQ BD-105'
03-18-2001   LP  photos added  'Royal Albert Hall TMQ-2 1983'
03-18-2001   LP  photos added  'Royal Albert Hall 1978 TAKRL'
03-17-2001  CD  added 'CARDIFF 2000 '
03-17-2001  After several requests, we are rescanning the CD covers to include the spines. A-C are complete.
03-17-2001   New trader joined Ike
03-16-2001  CD  added 'DUBLIN THE POINT DEPOT 2000 '
03-16-2001  CD  added 'FROM THE COAST OF BARCELONA '
03-15-2001  CD  added 'LONDON WEMBLEY ARENA 2nd evening 2000 '
03-15-2001  CD  added 'BIRMINGHAM 2000 '
03-14-2001   LP  photos added  'OUTFIDELS'
03-14-2001   LP  photos added  'OUT OF SYSTEM AUSSER KONTROLLE'
03-14-2001   LP  photos added  'OSAKA'
03-14-2001   LP  photos added  'ONLY A HOBO'
03-14-2001   LP  photo added  'ON THE ROAD 1974-1975'
03-13-2001  CD  added 'THE EARLY YEARS VOL I '
03-13-2001  CD  added 'THE EARLY YEARS VOL II '
03-13-2001   New trader joined Chris La Bianca
03-13-2001   New trader joined Rorie
03-12-2001   LP  added  'Ceremonies of the Horsemen (CV version)'
03-11-2001   New trader joined Roland Hall
03-11-2001   LP  added  'Now Your Mouth Cries wolf '
03-11-2001   LP  added  'Now Your Mouth Cries wolf (reverse stamp)'
03-10-2001  CD  added 'MÜNSTER 2000 '
03-10-2001   New trader joined Geir olzen
03-10-2001   New CD added to 'Must have' list
03-09-2001   LP  added  'No Mercy'
03-09-2001   LP  photos added  'No Quarter'
03-09-2001   LP  photos added  'Nothing's Like a Woman'
03-09-2001   LP  photos added  'Now & Then pic disc'
03-08-2001   New trader joined Jeff Slate
03-08-2001   LP  photos added  'Newport 65 / Manchester 66'
03-08-2001   LP  photos added  'Newport/Manchester splatter vinyl'
03-08-2001   LP  photos added  'Newport 65'
03-08-2001   LP  photos added  'Nearer to the Fire'
03-07-2001   New trader joined Chris Elliot
03-07-2001  CD  added 'LONDON WEMBLEY ARENA '
03-07-2001  CD  added 'BEST OF BRITISH '
03-07-2001   New trader joined Justin
03-06-2001   LP  added  'Man in Long Black Coat 4'
03-06-2001   LP  photos added  'Man in Long Black Coat 3'
03-05-2001   LP  photos added  'Man in Long Black Coat 2'
03-05-2001   LP  photos added  'Man in Long Black Coat 1'
03-05-2001   Newsletter section is finally opened, and will contain news about the site.
03-04-2001   New trader joined JohnSPOT
03-04-2001   LP  photos added  'Man of Peace'
03-04-2001   LP  photos added  'The Munich Tapes'
03-04-2001   LP  photos added  'Mr. Tambourine Man'
03-04-2001   LP  photos added  'Moving Violation'
03-03-2001   LP  photos added  'Motorcycle (Motorcycle)'
03-03-2001   LP  photos added  'Motorcycle (Wheel)'
03-02-2001   LP  photos added  'More Music from Big Pink'
03-02-2001   LP  photos added  'Minstrel Boy color'
03-02-2001   LP  photos added  'Minstrel Boy green'
03-02-2001   LP  photos added  'Million Dollar Bash'
03-01-2001   LP  photos added  'Memphis Blues'
03-01-2001   LP  photos added  'Melbourne Festival hall'
03-01-2001   LP  photos added  'Melbourne, Australia Splatter'
03-01-2001   LP  photos added  'Manchester Prayer' (Swingin' Pig)
02-28-2001  CD  added 'PRECIOUS MEMORIES '
02-28-2001   New trader joined Michael Hansen
02-28-2001   Some More Confession LP stickers now on sale in the store
02-28-2001   Sing A Song LP stickers now on sale in the store
02-28-2001   Handsigned Milton Glaser with Dylan now on sale in the store
02-28-2001   Time 1998 Annual with Dylan now on sale in the store
02-28-2001   Life 1998 Picture book with Dylan now on sale in the store
02-28-2001   LP  photos added  'Seven Days'
02-27-2001   LP  photos added  and info updated 'Sing a Song For You'
02-27-2001   LP  photos added  and info updated 'Some More Confession'
02-27-2001   LP  photos added  'Selected Excerpts of the Nobel Houses'
02-27-2001   LP  photos added  'St. Valentine's Day Massacre'
02-27-2001   LP  photos added  'St. Valentine's Day Massacre Electric'
02-27-2001   LP  photos added  'St. Valentine's Day Massacre Acoustic'
02-27-2001   LP  photos added  'St. Valentine's Day Massacre & More'
02-26-2001   LP  photos added  'Pittsburgh 1966'
02-26-2001   LP  photos added  'Press Conference 1986'
02-26-2001   LP  photos added  'Power Efficient Engine'
02-26-2001   LP  photos added  'Ponchatrain Blues'
02-25-2001   LP  photos added  'Poems in Naked Wonder'
02-25-2001   LP  photos added  'Passed Over & Rolling Thunder'
02-25-2001   LP  photos added  'Precious Memories '
02-25-2001  CD  added 'NEVER ENDING TOUR w/ SIOUSSI '
02-24-2001  CD  added 'PREACHING TO THE CONVERTED '
02-24-2001  CD  added 'POSSUM BELLY OVERALLS '
02-24-2001  New CDs added to 'Must have' list
02-24-2001  New trader joined Frank Justesen
02-23-2001  CD  added 'POSITIVLY 4TH STREET '
02-23-2001  New CDs added to 'Must have' list
02-22-2001  CD  added 'POLITICAL WORLD '
02-22-2001   LP  info updated 'Deadpan Twist '
02-22-2001  CD  added 'SPANISH IS THE LOVING TONGUE '
02-22-2001  CD  added 'PLUGGED, UNPLUGGED, AND JAMMING '
02-22-2001  New trader joined Patrick Murphy
02-22-2001  New trader joined jondee
02-21-2001  New trader joined Frank Fritsching
02-21-2001  CD  added 'LIVE SYDNEY 66 ' 
02-20-2001  New CDs added to 'Must have' list
02-20-2001  New trader added today
02-20-2001  CD  new pics added 'AT THE GLOBE ARENA '
02-19-2001  CD  added 'DUBLIN MAY 5, 1966 '
02-19-2001  New traders added today
02-18-2001  CD  added 'GENUINE LIVE 1966 ' Over 100 hours in prep, the CD is fully documented here. over 50 photos!
02-16-2001  New traders added today
02-16-2001  Webmaster's Banner exchange page is updated
02-15-2001  New traders added today
02-15-2001  CD  added 'LUCKY NOT TO BE DESTROYED '
02-15-2001  CD  added 'LOVE SICK '
02-14-2001  The 'Must Have Boot'  List has begun H
02-14-2001  The 'Traders List' has begun H
02-13-2001  CD  added 'HUSH, HUSH SWEET CHARLOTTE ' 
02-13-2001  CD  added 'BOB DYLAN DOES THE BIG APPLE ' 
02-12-2001  CD  added 'SHOT OF LOVE ' 
02-11-2001  CD  info updated 'AVIGNON ' 
02-10-2001  CD  added 'STUCK INSIDE OF NEW YORK ' 
02-09-2001  CD  added 'PECO'S BLUES ' 
02-09-2001  CD  added 'LIVE USA ' 
02-08-2001  CD  added 'LIVE IN NEWPORT '65 ' 
02-08-2001   LP  photos added & updated 'With A Rolling Stone'
02-07-2001  CD  added 'LIVE AT THE PITSTOP '
02-07-2001   LP  photos added / info updated 'Live at the Pitstop '
02-07-2001  CD  added 'LIVE AT THE WAREHOUSE ' 
02-06-2001  CD  added 'FLAGGING DOWN THE DOUBLE E's ' 
02-06-2001  CD  added 'OLD ORCHARD BEACH ' 
02-05-2001  CD  added 'DRESSED UP LIKE A SQUIRE ' 
02-05-2001  CD  added 'DON'T THINK TWICE ' 
02-04-2001  CD  added 'CREATURES VOID OF FORM ' 
02-03-2001  CD  added 'COWBOY ANGEL BLUES ' 
02-03-2001  CD  cover photos updated  'GET READY, TONIGHT BOB'S... '
02-03-2001  CD  added 'WOOODSTOCK REVISITED ' 
02-02-2001  CD  added 'WOLFTRAP '  ('97 3 cd set)
02-02-2001  CD  added 'WOLFTRAP '  (1991)
02-02-2001  CD  added 'WHITE DOVE '
02-01-2001  CD  added 'WEBERMAN PHONE CALLS '
02-01-2001  CD  added 'WE HAD KNOWN A LION '
01-31-2001  CD  added 'DON'T MIX YOUR WORDS '
01-31-2001  CD  added 'WATCHING THE RIVER FLOW '
01-30-2001  CD  added 'WANTED MAN '
01-30-2001  CD  added 'TEMPEST STORM ' 
01-29-2001  CD  added 'IN THE LAND OF THE BOSS '
01-29-2001   LP  photo added 'Empire Burlesque Outtakes'
01-28-2001  CD  added 'YESTERDAY '
01-28-2001  CD  added 'YOU MAY CALL ME ZIMMY '
01-28-2001  CD  added 'YANKEE POWER '
01-28-2001  CD  conversion time chart added to crorrect the time of 'CLEAN CUTS'
01-27-2001  CD  photo added 'BIRD'S NEST IN YOUR HAIR '
01-27-2001  CD  added 'STADIUMS OF THE DAMNED '
01-26-2001  CD  added 'TV GUIDE ' 
01-25-2001  CD  added 'TRAVELING WILBURYS VOL. 4½ ' 
01-25-2001  CD  added 'TRAVELING WILBURYS VOL. FOUR ' (In The Groove)
01-25-2001  CD  added 'TRAVELING WILBURYS VOL. FOUR ' (Reference CDr)
01-24-2001  CD  added 'TRAVELING WILBURYS VOL. TWO '
01-24-2001   LP  added 'Canta a Dylan'
01-23-2001   LP  photos added 'Jokerman Plays The Arena Pic Disc'
01-23-2001   LP  photo added 'John Birch Blues TMOQ'
01-23-2001   LP  photos added 'Japanese Whispers'
01-23-2001   LP  photos added 'Rare Batch Of LWW Vol. 2'
01-22-2001  CD  added 'THROUGH A BULLET OF LIGHT '
01-21-2001  CD  added 'TEMPLES IN FLAMES '
01-20-2001  CD  added 'TELL IT LIKE IT IS '
01-19-2001  CD  added 'THE WARFIELD '
01-19-2001  CD  added 'TANGLED UP IN BLUE '
01-18-2001  CD  added 'THE TALL GRASS AND THE ONES I LOVE '
01-18-2001  CD  added 'TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT '
01-17-2001  CD  added 'SIX DAYS IN JUNE VOL 1 '
01-17-2001  CD  added 'SATISFIED MAN '
01-16-2001  LP label photos added "Looking Back"
01-16-2001  CD  added 'SAN JOSE '98 - SOUNDBOARD '
01-16-2001  CD  added 'SAN FRANCISCO BAY BLUES '
01-15-2001  CD  added 'THE THIRD ONE NOW '
01-14-2001  LP added 'Hard Rain's Gonna Fall'
01-14-2001  LP info updated  'He was a Friend of Mine'
01-13-2001  LP info updated 'Outtake Record' (Hurricane 12")
01-12-2001  CD  added 'THE DAYS BEFORE HARD RAIN '
01-12-2001  CD  Song reviews of the 1976 tour rehearsals
01-11-2001  LP Photos added 'Passed Over/Rolling Thunder'
01-11-2001  CD  added 'RUNDOWN TO MAGGIE '
01-10-2001  CD  added 'ROUGH CUTS ' (Alternate Release)
01-10-2001  CD  added 'MINSTREL BOY '
01-10-2001  LP Photos added 'Minstrel Boy'
01-09-2001  Info Updates 'GASLIGHT TAPES
01-09-2001  CD  added 'ROUGH CUTS '
01-09-2001  CD  added 'ROLLING THUNDER REVUE '
01-08-2001  CD  added 'ROCK SOLID '
01-08-2001  CD  added 'RISE AGAIN '
01-07-2001  CD  added 'RIO '
01-07-2001  CD  added 'RING THEM BELLS '
01-07-2001  CD  added 'RICH FOR POOR '
01-06-2001  CD  added 'RENALDO & CLARA' (Reference)
01-06-2001  CD  added 'RENALDO & CLARA' (Noriaa)
01-06-2001  CD  added 'RENALDO & CLARA' (AR&CE)
01-05-2001  More Info 'GASLIGHT TAPES' A lot of time & effort here! Come check it out!
01-04-2001  Information page added 'GASLIGHT TAPES'
01-03-2001  CD  added 'RARE LIVE PERFORMANCES OF '60S VOL II'
01-03-2001  CD  added 'RARE LIVE PERFORMANCES OF '60S VOL I'
01-02-2001  CD  added 'QUEST FOR NEWPORT'
01-02-2001  CD  added 'PARADISE REGAINED'
01-01-2001  CD  added 'PARADISE HAWAIIAN STYLE'
01-01-2001  CD  added 'PAINT THE DAYTIME BLACK'

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