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12-30-2002  CD added 'DOWN ALONG THE COVE'   NEW RELEASE
12-29-2002  New Trader Applications that have failed to complete email verification:
T-Bone        DEC     2002
Chris Dunn DEC 21 2002
hayden2      DEC 23 2002
12-28-2002  New Want Ad
12-27-2002  A great new collector question on vinyl boot vs. CD boot
There was no page updates listed on Dec. 24, 25, & 26 so that our families could get reacquainted with us. :)
12-24-2002  New Want Ad
12-23-2002  CD added 'MANCHESTER 2002'   NEW RELEASE
12-22-2002  New trader joined Dylan James USA
12-21-2002  The new Crystal Cat CDs are released, and will be added shortly
12-21-2002  CD added 'IT TAKES A LOT TO LAUGH'
12-20-2002  New trader joined Ryan Beach USA
12-19-2002  CD info corrected 'POSSUM BELLY OVERALLS'
12-18-2002  New trader joined Charles Hunstiger USA
12-17-2002  LP added 'San Diego '86'
12-16-2002  CD added 'MEN OF PEACE'
12-15-2002  New Want Ad
12-14-2002  CD added 'SOMETHING ELSE'
12-13-2002  New Want Ad
12-12-2002  New section added: Want Ads
12-11-2002  New trader joined bechu2000 France
12-10-2002  CD added 'IN THE GARDEN'
12-10-2002  New trader joined David Jenkins USA
12-09-2002  CD added 'SAN JOSE CALLING'
12-09-2002  New trader joined TommyW USA
12-08-2002  CDr added 'ARE YOU EXPERIENCED?'
12-08-2002  New trader joined Thomas Wellington USA
12-07-2002  CD added 'EXCLUSIVE SERIES '95'
12-07-2002  New trader joined Bertrand France
12-06-2002  CD added 'PARIS SECOND 2002'   NEW RELEASE
12-06-2002  New trader joined SidneyMoscowitz USA
12-05-2002  CD added 'A FOOL SUCH AS I'   NEW RELEASE
12-05-2002  New trader joined Todd Boyd USA
12-05-2002  New trader joined Richard Sloven USA
12-04-2002  An all new date locater section makes searching quicker & more fun
12-04-2002  New trader joined Robert WILD France
12-02-2002  CD added 'VISIT TO ISLAEL'
12-02-2002  New trader joined Tony Muller USA
12-01-2002  CD added 'BLONDE ON BLONDE MONO'
12-01-2002  Congratulations to our newest Gold Star Members:
Whitlo, Camillo, Ed Ribbink, Alexander, Josh,
11-30-2002  CD added 'ONE HAND WAVING FREE'
11-28-2002No Updates today so that our families can enjoy the USA holiday. HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!
11-27-2002  CD added 'THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK'
11-26-2002  CD added 'WHAT'S REAL?'
11-26-2002  New trader joined Mike Barnhill USA
11-25-2002  CD added 'EXCLUSIVE SERIES '96'
11-24-2002  Several new covers have been linked for download / printing
11-23-2002  CD added 'I AIN'T NO JUDAS'   NEW RELEASE
11-23-2002  New trader joined Ouassim  Akil Morocco
11-23-2002  New trader joined Bobh Ireland
11-22-2002  CD added 'NO PHOTOGRAPHS PLEASE'
11-22-2002  New rumours of upcoming releases
11-22-2002  New trader joined Marc Weinreder Netherlands
11-22-2002  New trader joined smiller USA
11-21-2002  A new definition page for everyone interested in CDs or CDrs
11-21-2002  New trader joined mcgrupp USA
11-21-2002  New trader joined Kevin A Lewis UK
11-20-2002  CD added 'DIMESTORE MEDICINE'
11-20-2002  CD link turned on 'DRESSED UP LIKE A SQUIRE'
11-20-2002  New trader joined Woody Sweden
11-20-2002  New trader joined Michael Segui Ontario, Canada
11-19-2002  CD added 'TRUE STORIES'
11-19-2002  New trader joined Big_Mike USA
11-18-2002  CD scans added 'WHITE DOVE'
11-18-2002  CD scans added 'BROADSIDE'
11-18-2002  New trader joined Baba-Jingo USA
11-18-2002  New trader joined Jason Placer USA
11-17-2002  CD scans added 'HOUSE OF THE BLUES'
11-17-2002  New trader joined denis wilson Northern Ireland
11-16-2002  CD scans added 'FOLK ROGUE 1964-1965'
11-16-2002  New trader joined stevenb123 USA
11-15-2002  CD scans added 'AS GOOD AS IT GETS'
11-15-2002  New trader joined Joshsykes UK
11-15-2002  New trader joined brian15836USA
11-14-2002  CD added 'IT'S ALRIGHT'
11-14-2002  New trader joined JayJay USA
11-14-2002  New trader joined timlooney USA
11-13-2002  CD added 'EXCLUSIVE SERIES '93'
11-13-2002  New trader joined BlahBlahBlahUSA
11-13-2002  New trader joined Lauren Hinsley USA
11-12-2002  New trader joined John D. USA
11-11-2002  CD added 'NEVER ENDING TOUR 98 IN FRANCE - VOL 2 (DIJON)'
11-11-2002  New trader joined Irvine Pickett UK
11-11-2002  New trader joined Calay21 USA
11-10-2002  CD added 'SECOND SUPPER'
11-10-2002  New trader joined Bill Moore USA
11-10-2002  New trader joined Berg USA
11-09-2002  New trader joined GARRAS Brazil
11-09-2002  New trader joined pablo USA
11-09-2002  New trader joined Ben Roe USA
11-08-2002  New trader joined cj USA
11-07-2002  New trader joined byrunreed68 USA
11-06-2002  2002 "Long concert intro" added
11-05-2002  New trader joined Ryan Beach USA
11-04-2002  New trader joined Dave M. USA
11-04-2002  New trader joined LKN2MYIS USA
11-03-2002  New trader joined delta Spain
11-02-2002  New trader joined CrossBlade USA
10-31-2002  New trader joined Andrew Cashin USA
10-30-2002  New trader joined Blind Boy Grunt USA
10-29-2002  New trader joined Robb USA
10-29-2002  New trader joined Shawn Slawenwhite USA
10-29-2002  New trader joined David Miller USA
10-28-2002  CD added 'WITH ONE HAND WAVING FREE VOL 2'
10-28-2002  New trader joined GUFFROY France
10-28-2002  New trader joined Joe Singleton UK
10-28-2002  New trader joined Los USA
10-28-2002  New trader joined Walter Senaeve Belgium
10-28-2002  New trader joined peter tymstra The Netherlands
10-28-2002  New trader joined Jonathan Wong Hong Kong
10-27-2002  CD added 'WITH ONE HAND WAVING FREE VOL 1'
10-27-2002  New trader joined Stuart Curry UK
10-26-2002  CD added 'TOAD'S PLACE VOL. 2'
10-26-2002  New trader joined Lovely Mermaid USA
10-25-2002  Traders can now join with a simple online form
10-25-2002  CD added 'FIRST SUPPER'
10-25-2002  New trader joined John Murray Aurtralia
10-24-2002  New trader joined Fra Italy
10-23-2002  CD added 'TOAD'S PLACE VOL. I'
10-23-2002  New trader joined Guido Lione USA
10-22-2002  CD added 'HIGHLANDS 2000'
10-22-2002  New trader joined robert price USA
10-21-2002  There is a new chat room for bobsboots patrons
10-21-2002  New trader joined David Elliott USA
10-21-2002  New trader joined Earl USA
10-20-2002  CD added 'BOB DYLAN AT TOWN HALL'
10-20-2002  New trader joined David Kalisch UK
10-20-2002  New trader joined Gino Galvez USA
10-19-2002  CD added 'TRAVELING WILBURYS 2 (WALK AWAY)'
10-18-2002  CD added 'MUDPLEX'
10-18-2002  New trader joined Henrik Nestor Sweden
10-17-2002  CD added 'ISLE OF WIGHT' (Golden Archive)
10-17-2002  New trader joined Rohnny Boeur Belgium
10-16-2002  LP photos and updated info added 'In The Mood'
10-16-2002  New trader joined Ian USA
10-15-2002  CD added 'HAVE MERCY'
10-15-2002  New trader joined Mumford Keefer USA
10-14-2002  LP added 'Travellin' Man'
10-13-2002  CD added / linked 'HURRICANE CARTER BENEFIT (VooDoo)'
10-12-2002  CD added / linked 'CRITCS CHOICE 5-6'
10-11-2002  LP added 'Don't Think Twice / Gothenburg '84'
10-10-2002  New trader joined Paul Johnson USA
10-09-2002  New trader joined William Naylor USA
10-08-2002  New trader joined Kevin Kolenut USA
10-07-2002  New trader joined Steve Klein USA
10-07-2002  Information about the new CBS bootleg release added
10-06-2002  New trader joined Sean Brickell USA
10-06-2002  New trader joined Mike Moir UK
10-05-2002  New trader joined Colleen Linn USA
10-04-2002  New trader joined Mike Kessling USA
10-03-2002  New trader joined Ashton RobinsonUSA
10-02-2002  CD added 'FRIEND TO THE MARTYR'
10-01-2002  CD added 'BYE BYE JOHNNY'
10-01-2002  Congratulations to our newest Gold Star Members:
Toine Piscaer, Ethan Karsen, Lee, Martin Barrack, Dave Hughes, Jim McLean, Brian, Ed Fornataro, Cory Cosens,
Adam "NEWBIE"Albright, Gianfranco, James Preston, Giulio, Whatbob, Michelle, Simon Cardwell, Bill Reed
09-30-2002  Existing CD link added to index 'BRIXTON BLUES'
09-29-2002  CD scan added 'ROUGH CUTS'
09-29-2002  CD scan added 'PECO'S BLUES'
09-28-2002  CD added 'LONESOME LA TOWN'
09-27-2002  CD added 'DIRTY LIES'
09-26-2002  CD added 'COME BABY, ROCK ME'
09-25-2002  New trader joined Brian Ruschman USA
09-24-2002  New trader joined Beth Cox USA
09-24-2002  CD added 'PARIS FIRST 2002' New Release
09-23-2002  New trader joined MICHAEL FABIAN USA
09-22-2002  New trader joined Kevin Odegard USA
09-21-2002  New trader joined Nelson T. French USA
09-21-2002  New trader joined Mark Gilles USA
09-21-2002  CD cover scan added 'LOVE SICK'
09-21-2002  CD scan added 'LOVE MINUS ZERO'
09-21-2002  New trader joined Amerzone France
09-20-2002  CD scan added 'MAPLE LEAF GARDENS'
09-20-2002  New trader joined John Eylander USA
09-20-2002  CD scan added 'LIKE A ROLLING STONE' (Hidden TV Shows)
09-19-2002  CD scan added 'PAINT THE DAYTIME BLACK'
09-19-2002  New trader joined Kevin Kent South Africa
09-19-2002  CD scan added 'PRECIOUS MEMORIES'
09-18-2002  New trader joined andy victor UK
09-18-2002  CD added 'LES TEMPS CHANGENT'
09-17-2002  New trader joined Alissa McFaddin USA
09-17-2002  CD added 'SUPPER CLUB' New Release
09-16-2002  New trader joined Cliff Kapitsky Canada
09-16-2002  CD scan added 'HARD TO FIND VOL.3'
09-16-2002  CD scan added 'GASLIGHT TAPES 1962'
09-16-2002  CD scan added 'SONGS THAT MADE HIM FAMOUS'
09-15-2002  LP added "The Sparrow And The Byrd"
09-14-2002  CD added 'SHARP EYED SEÑOR OF THE  LOWLANDS' New Release
09-14-2002  New trader joined David Weingrad USA
09-13-2002  The Traders section was started as an off-shoot to the guide pages. However, it has become one of our more popular sections, and has grown far beyond it's allotted page space. We've spent the last week breaking it up, and reorganizing it to allow faster, smoother access.
09-13-2002  New trader joined Nick Elias Australia
09-12-2002  New trader joined Nicolas CORNET France
09-11-2002  New trader joined Steve Andrews UK
09-10-2002  CD scan added 'IN CONCERT'
09-10-2002  New trader joined itimes Ireland
09-09-2002  CD scan added 'HUSH, HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE'
09-08-2002  CD scan added 'HARD AND FAST'
09-06-2002  Article from The Age In Melbourne added to News section
09-05-2002  CD added 'SONGS FOR BONNIENew Release
09-04-2002  New trader joined Nick Bradfield Australia
09-03-2002  New trader joined Mike London USA
09-02-2002  CD added 'AND THEN I LANDED IN BRUSSELSNew Release
09-01-2002  Congratulations to our newest Gold Star Members:
Paolo Troiani, Gerhard Cvirn, Grainofsand, Gloria Britstone, Roger, andJim Johnson
08-31-2002  New trader joined FERNANDO ALEGRE SPAIN
08-30-2002  New trader joined Mike McGarr UK
08-29-2002  New trader joined Billyb UK
08-28-2002  New trader joined jeanne benjamin USA
08-27-2002  New trader joined Neil Nedelman USA
08-27-2002  New trader joined David Bokovoy USA
08-26-2002  New trader joined Jacob Larson USA
08-26-2002 CD scan added 'ROLLIN' THROUGH STORMY WEATHER'
08-26-2002 CD scan added 'DON'T WASTE YOUR WORDS'
08-25-2002  New trader joined peter brookes UK
08-25-2002  New trader joined breakingglass USA
08-25-2002  New trader joined Pachi Becerril Spain
08-25-2002  New trader joined Michael Ragusa USA
08-25-2002  New trader joined Sarah Hays USA
08-24-2002 CD added 'TEMPEST STORM'
08-23-2002  New trader joined SByrd Germany
08-23-2002  New trader joined Kevin Schraer USA
08-22-2002  New trader joined Gil Lamont USA
08-22-2002  New trader joined Robert German Germany
08-21-2002 CD added 'WOODSTOCK 1994'
08-20-2002  New full size downloadable covers added
08-19-2002 CD added 'HURRICANE CARTER BENEFIT' (VooDoo)
08-18-2002 CD added 'THE SESSION'
08-17-2002 CD scans added 'EVEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS'
08-17-2002  New trader joined Henning NORWAY
08-17-2002  New trader joined Mick Burrows UK
08-16-2002 CD added 'IN LIKE FLYNN'
08-16-2002 CD scan added 'EATING CAVIAR IN A KING SIZE BED'
08-15-2002  Downloadable cover added 'ACETATES ON THE TRACKS VOL. 4'
08-15-2002 CD scans added 'WHEN FRIENDS ARE COMING'
08-14-2002  New trader joined Bruce Warren USA
08-13-2002 CD scans added 'EARLY YEARS VOL. 1'
08-13-2002  New trader joined Nick Matelli USA
08-12-2002 CD added 'MANCHESTER PRAYER'
08-11-2002  New trader joined ScottE USA
08-10-2002  New trader joined Chris Quint USA
08-09-2002  New trader joined kevin smith England
08-09-2002 CD scans added 'GENUINE BOOTLEG SERIES 3' (THE THIRD ONE NOW)
08-08-2002  New trader joined Claire E. Smith Canada
08-08-2002 CD scans added 'GENUINE BOOTLEG SERIES TAKE 2'
08-07-2002  New trader joined Gerard POILLET France
08-07-2002 CD scans added 'GENUINE BOOTLEG SERIES'
08-06-2002  New trader joined Craig Thomas Australia
08-05-2002 CD added 'HARD TO HANDLE'
08-04-2002 CD added 'SQUARING THE CIRCLE'
08-03-2002 CD added 'FREEWHEELIN' BOB DYLAN OUTTAKES' Reissue
08-02-2002 CD added 'AFTERNOON ACOUSTIC'
07-30-2002 CD added 'SECOND GASLIGHT TAPE' New Release
07-29-2002  New trader joined Jaroslav Hofmann Czech Republic
07-28-2002 CD added 'HIGHLANDS OF WORCESTER'
07-27-2002  LP photo added 'On The Road 1974-1975'
07-26-2002 CD added 'OAKLAND FLOOD'
07-25-2002 CD added 'IS THIS WHAT YOU WANT ?' New Release
07-24-2002 CD added 'SURVIVING IN A RUTHLESS WORLD' New Release
07-23-2002 New CD-r release 'EUROPEAN SONGS'
07-22-2002 New CD-r release 'SUPPER CLUB SOUNDBOARD'
07-21-2002 New CD-r release 'UK SONGS'
07-20-2002 CD added 'HORSENS TEATER' (Reissue)
07-19-2002 CD added 'HORSENS TEATER
07-18-2002 CD added 'LIVE THEFT' New Release
07-17-2002 CD added 'GIVE THE ANARCHIST A CIGARETTE' New Release
07-16-2002  New trader joined Adam Barks
07-15-2002  New trader joined Chris Winans
07-15-2002  New trader joined Chuck Siegel
07-14-2002  New trader joined lars hunziker Switzerland
07-13-2002 CD added 'RUNDOWN REHERSAL TAPES' (PICTURE DISCS) New Release
07-12-2002 CD added 'SHOT OF LIVE' New Release
07-11-2002  New trader joined Bob Milan
07-10-2002 CD added 'BEST OF BRITISH' New Release
07-09-2002  New trader joined Nightingale Code UK
07-08-2002 CD added 'MISSSIN' MISSISSIPPI' New Release
07-07-2002  New trader joined Jill Robertson UK
07-06-2002 CD added 'SEEKING SALVATION' New Release
07-06-2002  New trader joined Gary Mathews UK
07-05-2002  New trader joined FlaudeFrance
07-04-2002 CD added 'OSLO 2002' New Release
07-04-2002  New trader joined Judy Weintraub
07-03-2002 CD added 'STOCKHOLM 2002' New Release
07-03-2002  New trader joined Dob Bylan Australia
07-02-2002  A new section lists rumored upcoming releases
07-02-2002  New trader joined Juanita Webb
07-01-2002  New trader joined Chandler Long
07-01-2002  Congratulations to July's Gold Star Members:
Rob, Mark Turrell, Andrew Monson, Aaron Trzeciak, Steve Molmen, Kevinfree
Rob Stephens, Mike Davis, Appleberry, Patrick Stumler, Goodbrac
06-30-2002 Over the past few days we've been pouring all of our efforts into the new Nag Champa section. We are now excited to offer you the beginning of a wonderful section of bobsboots.com that will allow you to experience the aroma of a Dylan show right in your own living room.
06-30-2002  New trader joined SergioItaly
06-29-2002  New trader joined kevinUK
06-28-2002  New trader joined Kirk White  UK
06-27-2002  New trader joined ElmarAustria
New Crystal Cat:
06-26-2002 CD added 'HAMBURG 2002' New Release
06-25-2002 CD added 'COPENHAGEN 2002' New Release
In the next day or two: the other 2 new C-Cats will be added
They are: Stockholm, & Oslo
06-24-2002  New trader joined danny van de velde  Belgium
06-23-2002  New trader joined DISCS OF ROSS
06-23-2002  New trader joined Sage Sarchet
06-22-2002  New trader joined Jeremy Justus
06-21-2002 CD added 'LOVING OF LIVERPOOL' New Release
06-20-2002  New trader joined curt crawshaw
06-19-2002CD added 'I'VE  GOT A SONG TO SING'
06-18-2002  New trader joined Dave Wilson
06-18-2002  New trader joined Marc Morris  UK
06-18-2002  New trader joined Richard Bunce  England, UK
06-17-2002  New TAPE trader joined Joel Jacobsson  Sweden
06-16-2002 CD added 'LJVM 2002' New Release 
06-15-2002 CD added 'KNOXVILLE GRAIL' New Release
06-15-2002  New trader joined Tuck
06-14-2002  New trader joined Norbert Baro Germany
06-13-2002  New trader joined Daniel Fitch
06-12-2002 CD added 'SUN BEATING AT THE ALTAR'
06-11-2002 CD image added 'N.E.T. REHEARSALS '
06-10-2002 CD added 'DARK SUIT AND WHITE COWBOY HAT' New Release
06-09-2002 CD added 'ROYAL ALBERT HALL 1966'
06-09-2002  New trader joined New Pony England
06-08-2002 CD image added 'HARD TIMES IN ALABAMA '
06-07-2002 CD added 'ALL AGES CATCH BOB' New Release
06-06-2002  New trader joined Billy Edmasiton
06-05-2002 CD link added 'ABSTRACT THREATS'
06-04-2002 CD added 'I HAVE NO ONE TO MEET'
06-04-2002  New trader joined Paul Ballinger UK
06-03-2002 CD image added 'THIN WILD MERCURY MUSIC '
06-02-2002 CD images and downloads added 'RUNDOWN REHEARSAL TAPES '
06-02-2002  New trader joined Joan Muntanyola Spain
06-01-2002 CD images added 'YESTERDAY '
06-01-2002 CD images added 'THERE IS A PLACE OF BROKEN DREAMS '
06-01-2002  New trader joined Ty Raterman
06-01-2002  Congratulations to our newest Gold Star Members:
luciano colabattista, Maria Stallings, Michael Doecke, Momiage, Phil Monnier, Tim  Blake
Hermann Michels, Alessandro, Mike, Jonathan D. Waller, Nick, Michael Rae, roma245
05-31-2002 CD images added 'NASHVILLE 1969 '
05-31-2002CD images added 'IN THE PINES '
05-30-2002 CD images & downloads added 'HARD TO FIND VOL. 6'
05-30-2002 CD images & downloads added 'HARD TO FIND VOL. 5'
05-30-2002 CD images & downloads added 'HARD TO FIND VOL. 2'
05-30-2002 CD images & downloads added 'HARD TO FIND VOL. 1'
05-30-2002  New trader joined Esteban Peralta Losilla Spain/Netherlands
05-29-2002 CD added 'TANGLED IN TAMPA' New Release
05-29-2002 LP info updated 'Power Efficient Engine'
05-29-2002  New trader joined Tom Favata
05-28-2002 CD added 'ALMOST WORTH A PRIZE' New Release
05-28-2002 Several new downloadable covers added 
05-27-2002CD-r corrected 'LIVE AT BOSTON
05-26-2002  New trader joined W G Forrest Canada
05-26-2002 CD images added 'FREEWHEELIN BOB DYLAN OUTTAKES '
05-25-2002  New trader joined Eddie McFadden Scotland
05-25-2002 CD images added 'DOWN IN THE BASEMENT '
05-24-2002  New trader joined Ryan Ball
05-23-2002 CD images added 'DARKNESS AT THE BREAK OF NOON '
05-23-2002 CD images added 'BROADSIDE '
05-22-2002 CD updated 'SAN JOSE '98 SOUNDBOARD '
05-22-2002  New trader joined Willem Desmense The Netherlands
05-21-2002 CD added 'CHANGING OF A RELIGIOUS SEEKER' New Release
05-21-2002  New trader joined Jerry Spanbauer
05-21-2002  New trader joined Mark Williams
05-21-2002Here is the last new Robert Blasiak Dylan Quiz Game for this year
05-20-2002  New trader joined Nils Markvardsen Denmark
05-20-2002 CD added 'REAL LIVE OUTTAKES 1984'
05-20-2002  New trader joined Mark Rothfuss
05-19-2002 CD added 'UNRELEASED LIVE ALBUM'
05-19-2002  New trader joined Ian Stafford UK
05-18-2002  New trader joined STEVE GUY UK
05-17-2002 The new commercial CDr page is complete 
05-17-2002 CD added 'SAN RAFAEL REHEARSALS VOL. 2'
05-17-2002  New trader joined Dom Canada, Québec
05-16-2002CD image added 'INTO THE FLOOD'
05-16-2002 CD image added 'EMMET GROGAN ACETATES AND OTHERS'
05-16-2002CD image added 'IN THE SUMMERTIME'
05-16-2002 CD image added 'QUEST FOR NEWPORT'
05-15-2002The Robert Blasiak Dylan Quiz Game has been updated
05-15-2002 There are new items in the store
05-15-2002  New trader joined Justin Keller
05-15-2002  New trader joined Chuck Feltch
05-14-2002 LP added 'In The Park'
05-14-2002 A new page has been created to list Commercial CDrs by title
05-14-2002A new page has been created to list Fan project CDrs by title
05-13-2002 CD image added 'STUDS TERKEL'S WAX MUSEUM'
05-13-2002 LP added 'Live 1966 Acetates Vol.1'
05-12-2002 CD added 'NOT DARK YET'
05-11-2002  New trader joined Stanley Berman
05-10-2002 CD added 'HARD TIMES IN ALABAMA'
05-10-2002  New trader joined Steven Price UK
05-09-2002 CD added 'PICNIC AT BLACKBUSHE'
05-08-2002 CD images added 'LAKE COMPOUNCE FESTIVAL PARK'
05-08-2002  New trader joined Brian Marcus
05-08-2002  New trader joined Darren East UK
05-08-2002  New trader section Meet the new members
05-07-2002 LP added 'John Birch Society Blues' (1981Zorange release)
05-07-2002  New trader joined J5-Balth
05-07-2002The Robert Blasiak Dylan Quiz Game has been updated
05-06-2002 CD added 'OKAY I STILL GET STONED
05-05-2002 Webmasters: The new 2002 exchange banners are now available
05-05-2002  New trader joined Darren Smith UK
05-05-2002  New trader joined B. DeVrieze
05-05-2002  New trader joined Tom Denmark
05-04-2002 CD added 'A NIGHT TO REMEMBER'
05-03-2002 CD added 'RUNDOWN REHEARSAL TAPESMajor New Release!!
05-02-2002  New trader joined Tim P.
05-02-2002  New trader joined Jack Whelpton UK
05-01-2002  The trader section has undergone a change to reflect member status
04-30-2002  New trader joined Kenneth Norway
04-29-2002  New trader joined Jamie Watson Scotland
04-28-2002  More downloadable covers added
04-28-2002LP added 'In The Beginning'
04-28-2002  New trader joinedKelly
04-27-2002 CD added 'CRITICS CHOICE VOL 1&2'
04-27-2002 CD scan added 'WITMARK YEARS'
04-26-2002 CD added 'NORTH WIND BLOWING'
04-26-2002  New trader joined Jordan Defibaugh
04-25-2002LP added 'Rare Batch Best Of Bob Dylan'
04-25-2002 The Star Guide rating system has been updated and modified
04-24-2002 CD added 'BEST WISHES'
04-24-2002 CD added 'DALLAS, TEXAS'
04-23-2002 CD added 'JUST THE GIRLS'
04-23-2002 CD added 'ON A NIGHT LIKE THIS'
04-22-2002 CD added 'BOB AND JERRY'
04-22-2002The Robert Blasiak Dylan Quiz Game has been updated
04-21-2002Some interesting thoughts on CD and CD-r recordings (All traders please read)
04-21-2002Many new downloadable covers have been added
04-20-2002 CD added 'NEW FOUND FAITH'
04-20-2002  New trader joined Eamonn Ireland
04-19-2002 CD added 'THE POET & THE PLAYERS'
04-19-2002  New trader joined Oleg Heifetz Israel
04-18-2002 CD added 'FORT WORTH 1974'
04-18-2002  New trader joined Dirk De Coster Belgium
04-17-2002CD added 'FINJAN CLUB 1993 YD REISSUE'
04-17-2002 CD added 'HARD TO FIND VOL. 2
04-16-2002 CD added 'FAR EAST TOUR'
04-15-2002The Robert Blasiak Dylan Quiz Game has been updated
04-15-2002  New trader joined Greg
04-14-2002 CD added 'SAN FRANCISCAN NIGHTS'
04-13-2002 CD added 'BETTE DAVIES STYLE'
04-12-2002 CD added 'JOKERMAN IN EUROPE' New Release
04-12-2002 CD updated 'TAMPA DEE AND TAMPA DUM' New Release
04-11-2002 CD added 'NATIVE LAND'
04-11-2002CD added 'AWAY FROM THE PAST'
04-11-2002New info added to aid in scanning a CD cover
04-10-2002 A new favorite e-mail (from... guess who...)
04-10-2002 CD added 'ACETATES ON THE TRACKS Vol 3.'
04-10-2002 CD added 'ACETATES ON THE TRACKS Vol 2.'
04-09-2002CD added 'IN THE SUMMERTIME' (Railway)
04-09-2002 CD added 'SOMEBODY TOUCHED ME' (link turned on)
04-09-2002 CD added 'STRIP TEASE' (link turned on)
04-09-2002  New downloadable covers added
04-08-2002CD added 'IMPORTANT WORDS'
04-07-2002 CD added 'ANSWER ME'
04-07-2002 CD added 'ACETATES ON THE TRACKS Vol 1.
04-06-2002 CD added 'DAY & NIGHT'
04-06-2002  New trader joined Marius Norway
04-05-2002A great new Dylan Quiz Game designed by Robert Blasiak
04-05-2002  New trader joined Mike G
04-04-2002 CD added 'MOVING VIOLATION'
04-04-2002  We have an all new site map for our Trader's Section
04-04-2002  New trader joined Mystic
04-03-2002CD added 'INTO THE FLOOD'
04-02-2002  Craig has transcribed, and made notes on the Gaslight Black Cross performance.
04-02-2002  New trader joined Dean Goulding
04-01-2002 CD scan added 'ACROSS THE BORDERLINE'
04-01-2002 CD scan added 'AT THE GLOBE ARENA'
03-31-2002 CD added 'SUNSET STUDIO 1965'
03-30-2002CD added 'ISLE OF WIGHT (Wanted Man)'
03-29-2002  New trader joined christopher Norway
03-29-2002 CD added 'TAMPA DEE AND TAMPA DUM'
03-29-2002 CD added to the store 'BYRDS PLAY DYLAN'
03-28-2002 CD added 'LOVE AND THEFT LIVE'
03-28-2002  New trader joined Brian Bullock UK
03-27-2002 CD added 'LEICESTER '66'
03-26-2002 CD added 'NO MORE ALIBIS'
03-26-2002 After several suggestions over the years, we are going to start placing links on each CD page that link other releases of the same show. The idea can be seen here with "Hard Times In NYC". This is going to be a painfully slow and time consuming process, so please be patient. As you can see by this example, not only will this aid the collector who only needs one copy of the performance, but each page has different information about the venue, and allows the reader to compare titles.
03-25-2002  Tons of new downloadable covers added
03-25-2002CD added 'RARE LIVE PERFORMANCES OF THE 60s Vol. III'
03-24-2002 CD added 'NASHVILLE 1969'
03-24-2002 CD added 'SONGS THAT MADE HIM FAMOUS'
03-24-2002 CD added 'A WEEK IN THE LIFE'
03-24-2002  New trader joined Greg Pienaar South Africa
03-23-2002 CD added 'SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA 16/03/00'
03-23-2002  New trader joined Ed Martinski
03-23-2002  New trader joined Des UK
03-22-2002 CD added 'ACES AND DIAMONDS'
03-22-2002  New trader joined Gary Barritt UK
03-21-2002 CD added 'TWELVE CURSES"
03-21-2002LP info added 'Behind The Lines Of War"
03-21-2002  New trader joined Danny Munoz
03-20-2002 CD scan added 'COMPLETELY UNPLUGGED'
03-20-2002 CD scan added 'CRITIC'S CHOICE Vol. 3'
03-20-2002 CD scan added 'CHILDS BALLOON'
03-20-2002  New trader joined John Stark Finland
03-20-2002  New trader joined Bill Nolette
03-19-2002 CD scan added 'BEST WISHES'
03-19-2002CD scan added 'BE MY GUEST'
03-19-2002  New photo cube CD tray in the store
03-19-2002  New trader joined James Martin Charlton UK
03-18-2002CD added 'IN THE GARDEN 2001' New 3 CD Rlease!!!
03-18-2002CD added '20/20 VISION'
03-18-2002 CD scans added 'ALWAYS ON MY MIND Vol.2'
03-18-2002  New trader joined Marastha Netherlands
03-17-2002 CD photo added '7 YEARS OF BAD LUCK'
03-17-2002CD photo added '1965 INTERVIEW'
03-17-2002  New trader joined Joe Hollon
03-17-2002  New trader joined Donna
03-16-2002LP added 'Travellin' Man'
03-16-2002LP added 'Lost & Found'
03-16-2002 LP added 'All Hallow's Eve & More'
03-16-2002  New trader joined Calle Sandell Finland
03-16-2002  New trader joined Stephen King
03-15-2002  New trader joined Christopher Hasler
03-15-2002  New trader joined Ed Izsak
03-15-2002  New trader joined Toru Japan
03-14-2002 CD added 'LIVE AT PALAEUR'
03-14-2002  New trader joined Anna Germany
03-13-2002 CD added 'RECOVERED TREASURE'
03-12-2002 CD added 'LIVE AT JONES BEACH THEATRE 1988'
03-11-2002 CD added 'SALT FOR SALT'
03-11-2002  New trader joined Jeff Wells Canada
03-10-2002 CD added 'PLEDGING MY TIME'
03-09-2002 CD added 'FROM THE VAULTS Vol. 2'
03-08-2002  New trader joined Dan Heydt
03-07-2002  New trader joined John Hyson
03-06-2002  New trader joined Dale Minor
03-06-2002  New trader joined Shadoobee8
03-06-2002  New trader joined Reuben Herfindahl
03-05-2002 CD added 'HARD TIMES IN MARSEILLE'
03-04-2002 CD added 'EVEN AFTER ALL THESE YEARS'
03-04-2002  New trader joined Chris Houston
03-03-2002  New trader joined Ahdam Ahdamakis
03-02-2002 CD added 'STRIP TEASE'
03-01-2002  New trader joined Tom Doubles
03-01-2002  New trader joined Stephen James
02-28-2002 CD added 'ORBITING UVULA'
02-28-2002 CD info updated 'TEMPLES IN FLAMES'
02-28-2002  New trader joined Geoffrey UK
02-27-2002  New trader joined MICHELE Italy
02-27-2002  New trader joined Christopher Bullock
02-26-2002 CD added '1995 EUROPEAN TOUR'
02-26-2002  New trader joined Mark Sturgis England
02-25-2002 CD added 'FIFTH TIME AROUND'
02-25-2002  More CD cover downloads are added, with an easy way to track the new ones
02-25-2002  New trader joined Sezzwho3
02-24-2002 CD added 'STIRLING 2001'
02-23-2002 CD added 'LIVERPOOL 2001'
02-22-2002 CD added 'SUMMER TOUR 1995 Vol. 1'
02-22-2002 CD added 'SUMMER TOUR 1995 Vol. 2'
02-21-2002  New trader joined Elmar Grosskopf Austria
02-21-2002  New trader joined Chris Gregory England
02-20-2002 CD added 'SONGS THAT MADE HIM FAMOUS'
02-20-2002  New trader joined Geoff England
02-19-2002 CD added 'WEEK IN THE LIFE'
02-18-2002  Onsight downloadable images are removed, and a new section introduced that links images housed at a remote site
02-18-2002  Over the past two years, there has been a massive, ongoing project to correct the 
aesthetics; and attribute all links in the original LP section. It's now completed. Come take a look.
02-17-2002 CD added 'TIME AND TIME AGAIN'
02-17-2002 CD added 'YOU KNOW TOM THUMB'
02-16-2002 CD added 'ROME INTERVIEW 2001 Pt.2'
02-15-2002 CD images added 'DYLAN'S ROOT(S)'
02-14-2002 CD images added 'WICKED MESSENGER'
02-14-2002  New trader joinedBob Russell
02-13-2002 CD added 'BOB LOVES PORTLAND MAINE'
02-13-2002  New trader joined Malcolm England
02-12-2002  New trader joined pat farrell
02-12-2002  New video /tape trader joined danny England
02-11-2002 CD added 'MIND OUT OF TIME'
02-10-2002 CD added 'F*** THE PLAY LIST!'
02-09-2002 CD images added 'PLYMOUTH ROCK'
02-09-2002 CD images added 'DRESSED UP LIKE A SQUIRE'
02-08-2002 CD added 'TELLURIDE TOWN'
02-08-2002  New trader joined Sebastian
02-07-2002  New trader joined Armin Norway
02-07-2002  New trader joined Kevin M. Moyles
02-06-2002 CD added '1965 REVISITED'
02-05-2002 CD added 'HONKY TONK BLUES'
02-05-2002  New trader joined sarens jos Belgium
02-05-2002  New trader joined Ryan Canada
02-04-2002  More CD cover downloads are  added
02-04-2002 Our puzzle has been very popular. Finally, here are some new ones
02-02-2002 CDs linked 'DOCUMENTS OF BOB DYLAN'
02-02-2002  New link page to access manufacturer logos
02-01-2002  New trader joined adam dawson
02-01-2002  New trader joined Lyle Parker
01-31-2002 CD added YOU CAN'T KILL AN IDEA Pt.2''
01-31-2002 CD added YOU CAN'T KILL AN IDEA Pt.1''
01-30-2002 CD added 'PHOENIX''
01-30-2002  New trader joined Manfred Germany
01-29-2002  New trader joined Fitz
01-28-2002 CD added 'TALES OF A MEXICAN PAINTER''
01-27-2002  New trader joined Ramone Ireland
01-26-2002 CD added 'CELEBRATION NIGHT''
01-24-2002  More CD cover downloads are  added
01-23-2002  New trader joined Dave Brassler
01-22-2002 CD added 'HAPPY DYLENNIUM''
01-21-2002  New trader joined Durfey
01-20-2002 CD added 'ROME INTERVIEW 2001''
01-20-2002  LP added "Blowin' In The Wind"
01-19-2002 CD added 'SOME OF THE BOOTLEGGERS....''
01-18-2002  New trader joined Gianni Italy
01-18-2002  New trader joined Joe Schafbuch
01-17-2002 CD added 'TRAINLOAD OF FOOLS''
01-16-2002CD added 'FROM THE HEART VOL 3'
01-16-2002CD added 'FROM THE HEART VOL 2'
01-15-2002 CD added 'GENUINE NEVER ENDING TOUR COVERS' New Major Release!
01-15-2002  New trader joined Shinsuke Kitagawa Japan
01-14-2002 CD added 'SPOKANE 2001'
01-14-2002  New trader joined Michael Garrett
01-13-2002CD added 'I WAS SO MUCH YOUNGER THEN'
01-13-2002  New trader joined Michael Newell New Zealand
01-12-2002 CD added 'FROM THE HEART VOL 1 '
01-12-2002  New trader joined Veronica Lambert Hall Spain
01-11-2002  New trader joined Anthony Clarke Australia
01-10-2002 CD added to Must Have 'BLUE-EYED BOSTON BOY '
01-09-2002  New trader joined Mike Jurkovic
01-09-2002  New trader joined Philip Birtwistle England
01-08-2002  New trader joined Hard Rain
01-08-2002  New trader joined Michal Czech Republic
01-07-2002 CD added 'ROVING GAMBLER'
01-06-2002  LP info updated "Troubled Troubadour"
01-06-2002  New trader joined Karl Meyer
01-06-2002  Over the past two years, there has been a massive ongoing project to correct the 
aesthetics, and attribute all links in the original  LP section. It's now completed through the 'U' section
01-05-2002CD added 'IN THE HEART OF OREGON'
01-05-2002  A hypotesis on the title of "Children's Crusade"
01-05-2002  More CD cover downloads are  added
01-04-2002  LP info updated "Live At Toads" Craig treats us to another story.
01-04-2002  LP info updated "Are You Now or Have You Ever Been?"
01-03-2002  Craig has updated his personal thanks page
01-03-2002  New trader joined Brian DeRoo
01-02-2002 CD added 'THANK YOU EV'RYBODY'
01-02-2002  New trader joined Robert Watson
01-01-2002 CD added 'TRUE CONFESSIONS'
01-01-2002  New trader joined Loris Meadows Australia

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