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What is the best Bootleg?
(Bootlegs to take to the desert island)

On August 26th, 2000;  Michele Simpson started an interesting thread on the news group RMD by asking posters a simple question. It's a question that many have written in to ask Bob's Boots... to which we never have an answer. This page shows the responses from the RMD subscribers. As we always say, 'Best' or even 'Better' is a very subjective thing. Hopefully, though, the comments made by the people who have listened to some of these recordings will be of help and interest to you.

IF you had the privilege of knowing you were going to be stranded ahead of
time...... What ONE bootleg would you take with you ?
My choice would be:
ps... I keep a copy of BATHED in my glove box - my Dylan emergency discs.

I'd bring At the Globe.
---Señor Silvio

At this current point, I think it would be a toss up between TIME AND
TIME AGAIN (NYC Jan 98) and BOB'S FULL HOUSE (Brixton Mar 95). 

Third One Now.

since i'm kind of a newbie at bootlegs and don't own that many, i'd probably
want to take Santa Cruz, from last march with "highlands" on it.

Toad's Place. I feel that delusional, woozy alone-on-an-island feeling coming
over me already.

i was just thinking of such a list (or something like it) on my way home tonight. I think it's just me but i find "Pure Heat" overrated. from the title to the corny cover , (sorry) stiff renditions, and crowd noise, it's sort of aimless. Now "Soul," that is awesome recent Bob. Best I've heard. "My Back Pages" soars. The harmonica overwhelms and the crowd rides the wave (Europeans get so emotional, even Germans). The sound has the excitement of a fan recording (which it is) yet as the balance of a soundboard. but ... One recording? Without cheating and picking a 26 Cd set (i don't care for the Hawks that much anyway) or nine (too much filler on Basement), i'd have to go with something from the Rolling Thunder years. That was the first time i saw him, In New Haven, and it was mind boggling. Im a big Byrds fan and seeing Mcguinn up on the stage there seemed only natural and wonderful. So "Knight of the Hurricane"? It is considered the peak of that era. But i have another Thunder, one with Where did Vincent Van Gogh? and Railroad Boy, and  on it. That song alone is worth it. It goes by the unlikely title of "Hold the fort and lock up the warehouse." Great duets with Joan. Sometimes these are hard to take but just jell here.
By the way Globe Arena is tremendous.

---Bill Sweeney

At the minute it'd be 'Knight of the Hurricane', but that's just today...

genuine 66 and jewels and binoculars. oh and `the GBS` vols 1,2 and 3.
---Ramblin Man

Pledging My Time (Indiana 95) and I'd only listen to IAON,BB.

I'd definitely have to agree with your choice!!!! (BATHED) But if I had to pick
something different from yours, it would be EUROPA ACOUSTIC '98.....
that's my emergency car tape...
---Karen, in the highlands


Hi, I agree that Pure Heat is overrated! My choice: Escaping on the Run, vol 2 from Utrecht, Nederlands, 1996, and with a nice sound. Beautiful versions of Desolation, Pos 4th and Back Pages. Second or maybe the right choice: Weekend at the Wolftrap. or just Wicked Messenger. oh, forgot California or Bust ! (about the same period as Pure Heat and much better, IMO).

My vote goes to GBS "Third One Now"... Or better yet, all 3 GBS taken as one 9-CD set :-D
---Joe Cliburn

I'd have to go with The Peddler Now Speaks from 95...I think that's a magic concert and a wonderful setlist.

Well... as much as I love Bob (and I have A LOT of Bob boots), if I could only take one,,,, it would be the Van Morrison boot Dublin to Sandy Row.. a perfect sounding recording of a great show from The Point Theatre, Dublin, December 17, 1995.
---Dave L.

Ace of Clubs. Subject to change.
---David Bachman

As of today, my choice would be the 14-Sept-2000 show in Dublin Ireland. But that pick will change.

Completely Unplugged (i think!)
---Eben Hensby

The Hurricane Carter Benefit
Take Care

Only One????? That's cruel. Maybe Ten of Swords or that 20 record boxed set.
Jim Beck

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