source: Basement tapes, live  

Side one:  
Wade in the water 
Cocaine (cuts out) 
John Birch Society blues 
Who killed Davey Moore ? 
Eternal circle 
Only a hobo 
New Orleans rag (cuts out) 
I'm ready 

Side two:  
I'll keep it with mine 
Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie 
Hard times in New York town 
Percy's song 

Side three:  
Million dollar bash 
Yea, heavy and a bottle of  bread 
Please, Mrs. Henry 
Lo and behold 
You ain't goin' nowhere 
Open the door, Homer 
Too much of nothing 
Mighty Quinn 

Side four:  
I shall be released 
Nothing was delivered 
Tears of rage 
If you gotta go, go now* 
This wheel's on fire 
Please crawl out your window** 

Black cloud productions released this LP in 1970.  Somewhat strange gatefold cover. Very Rare. 
Nice, colored vinyl.  Full printed labels 

6-9 stars    NMP200 

Sources are: 
Side 1 
1&2 'Minnesota Hotel tape' 
3 'Freewheelin'' outtake 
4 Carnegie Hall 10-26-63 
5&6 'Times' outtakes 
7 'Another side' outtake 
8 This is actually John Hammond singing 
Side 2 
1&5 'Times' outtake 
2 'Freewheelin'' outtake 
3&4 'Minnesota Hotel tape' 
Side 3 
Basement tapes 
Side 4 
Basement tapes except: 
* 1965 single,  **Hwy 61 outtake 
Also released in a black vinyl version 

Matrix: D P 1001 & D P 1002

© 1999 Craig Pinkerton