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source: various rarities and live '74
Side one: 

It's all over now, Baby Blue 
Just like Tom thumb's blues 
George Jackson 
She belongs to me 
Leopard skin pill box hat

Side two: 
Talkin' Bear Mt. picnic blues 
Can you please crawl out your window 
It ain't me, babe 
I shall be released 
Just like a woman 
Talkin' John Birch paranoid blues

Side three: 
Most likely you go your way 
Lay Lady lay 
Forever young 
Knockin' on heaven's door 
The Times 
Don't think twice 
Just like a woman

Side four: 
Song to Woody 
Lonesome death of Hattie Carroll 
Nobody  'cept you 
All along the watchtower 
Something there is about you 
Like a rolling stone 
Most likely you go your way
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Front Cover
 Back Cover
Alt. Cover
There is a hodgepodge of material on this interesting 1974 USA release from  Pig's Eye / RS Records
LP one tracks are all previously released on other LPs in better quality than what they appear here, and were most likely recorded from various earlier releases.
LP two is much more interesting. The cover info is not accurate as to the venues.
Side three is live in Charlotte North Carolina 1-17-74.
Side four is live in Chicago 1-3-74. 
Numbering the side one & two  tracks 1 - 11  in order: 1&4) Bringing it all back outtakes. 
2&5) "R A H".  3&7) CBS 45 RPM's (singles)
6 & 11) Freewheelin' outtakes. 8) Isle of Wight 8/69. 
9) Basement tapes. 10) Dublin 5/5/66

The label is either blank white or white with 
"RS Records. Dylan on tour 1974"
The original cover is an insert with a black and white 'New Morning' look Dylan drawing. (A) There is a back insert that has the track listings and venues & 'eye' logo.
The last 75 LP's had a special green insert (B) with a Dylan photo from the LA 1974 show, and a humorous explaination for the cover switch.
This is most likely released by the folks who would become TMQ-2 later that same year, although it could be an early TAKRL release as well.

4-5 stars          NMP65 (A)  NMP100(B)

Matrix: R S 

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