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source: Basement tapes, live 
Side one: 

Wade in the water 
Cocaine (cuts out)
John Birch Society blues
Who killed Davey Moore ? 
Eternal circle 
Only a hobo 
New Orleans rag (cuts out)
I'm ready (performed by John Hammond)

Side two: 
I'll keep it with mine 
Ramblin' Gamblin' Willie 
Hard times in New York town
Percy's song

Side three: 
Million dollar bash 
Yea, heavy and a bottle of  bread 
Please, Mrs. Henry 
Lo and behold 
You ain't goin' nowhere 
Open the door, Homer 
Too much of nothing 
Mighty Quinn 

Side four: 
I shall be released 
Nothing was delivered 
Tears of rage 
If you gotta go, go now* 
This wheel's on fire 
Please crawl out your window**

1970 also saw two single LPs released by the European Label Space that contained this same material with the same title. Obviously, one was copied from the other, although both were pressed from different master plates.
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Front Cover
LP 1
LP 2
A USA Label called Black Cloud Productions released this LP in 1970. It has a simple black and white deluxe gatefold cover with a somewhat strange inside gatefold. The LPs are translucent yellow and translucent purple with full printed pink labels. Also released in a black vinyl version.
This is a Very Rare LP.

6-9 stars         NMP200

Sources are:
Side 1
1&2 'Minnesota Hotel tape'
3 'Freewheelin'' outtake
4 Carnegie Hall 10-26-63
5&6 'Times' outtakes
7 'Another side' outtake
8 This is actually John Hammond singing

Side 2
1&5 'Times' outtake
2 'Freewheelin'' outtake
3&4 'Minnesota Hotel tape'

Side 3
Basement tapes

Side 4
Basement tapes except:
* 1965 single,  **Hwy 61 outtake

Matrix: D P 1001 & D P 1002

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