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Bob Dylan / The Rolling Thunder Revue
bangor, maine source: 11/27/75
Side one: 

It ain't me, Babe 
Hard rain 
Romance in Durango 
Mama you been on my mind* 
I shall be released* 

Side two: 
I don't believe you **
Simple twist of fate **
One more cup of coffee 
Just like a woman 
Knockin' on heaven's door
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1976 TKRWM  release.  Paper insert (peach or green) with a 1975 Ken Regan photo of Dylan in the studio. 

Plain blank white or yellow labels. Some are also stamped 'side one' and 'side two'. There were also some releases with black 'Worlds' and yellow spindizzie labels. It is not known how many of each label was released, although spindizzie is by far the most rare.

** Acoustic
* Duet with Baez 

5-6 stars     NMP50

Matrix: TKRWM 1802

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