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Best of Great White Wonder
source: Various

Side one: 
Worried blues 
Tomorrow is a long time 
New Orleans rag 
Who killed Davy Moore? 
Talkin' John Birch Society blues 
Mixed up confusion 
Corrina Corrina 
Talkin'  bear mountain massacre picnic blues 

Side two: 
That's all Right Mama 
I'll keep it with mine 
Sitting on a barbed wire fence 
She belongs to me 
If you gotta go, go now 
Love-zero/no limit 

 gwa 65 B   TMOQ-2 reissued this LP with a 'Live in '74' xerox  photo on a paper insert. Ref. number 73008. There were various color combinations.

The album contains material released on these other 
TMOQ  pieces: 
John Birch
While the establishment Burns
Talkin' bear mountain
Seems like a freeze out

Photo credits:
Photos of this LP by:  P. A. ten Haaf

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 Front Cover
This 1972 release is a greatest hits of sorts for TMOQ.
As with most TMQ pieces issued in the early '70s, there are many package variations. Along with color variations, the vinyl, labels, jackets, inserts, and matrices can be found in endless combinations. The main combinations include:
TMQ-1 Versions:
The original. Pictured above. Complete package includes a colored jacket with rubber stamp title and round foil logo sticker. There was also rectangular foil and round paper stickers; reddish orange vinyl, 'M' added to the matrix on side two, offset square labels, and insert reference #  71 034 are to be found on various issues. 

6 stars     NMP150
The various combinations can make the piece more or less rare and/or desirable, and therefore alter the value
gwa65 A
Matrix: GWW 117 A/B 

Hybrid Versions:
As TMQ-2 took over the reigns, there were many hybrid packaging that were produced. These are near unlimited combinations of packaging that contain elements of both TMQ and TMQ-2. The jackets can be white or colored, stamped or blank, stickered or not. Some package contain a 10x10 xerox of the 1973 cartoon cover  with both regime's logos. The labels can be blank white or colored, large or small 1/2, or pig logo from either regime. The insert can be of several colors, and can be original; or have the ref. #, and/or the new 'Pig Daddy' logo. In addition, some hybrid copies can have the TMQ-2 "live in '74" insert shown at left in several different colors.
6 stars     NMP90
The various combinations can make the piece more or less rare and/or desirable, and therefore alter the value
not in gwa
Matrix: GWW 117 A/B  or 1821 A/B

TMQ-2 Versions:
Pictured at left. The complete package is blank white jackets with a two colored 10x10 "Live in '74" insert. Ref # 73008. TMQ-2 labels.
6 stars     NMP60
gwa 65 B
Matrix:  1821 A/B

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