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Black Nite Crash
source: 5/5/66 and 4/12/63
Side one: 

Ramblin' down through the world 
Bob Dylan's dream 
Tomorrow is a long time 
New Orleans rag 
Walls of Red Wing 
Hero blues 
Who killed Davey Moore? (cuts)

Side two: 
Visions of Johanna 
Fourth time around 
Just like a woman 
Desolation row (cuts)

The very rare original English LP cannot easily be identified visually. It has a blank white cover and blank black or gray labels. There is no matrix or markings on the LP, and no song separation grooves. 
There is also another 1972 PP release of this LP from a different master. It has a brown and white 'wrap around' Paranoid Productions insert, blank orange labels, song separation, and a matrix:  A - 1  /  A - 2. Some of the original 1971 LPs have been found in this cover as well.
The prices listed are for the LPs regardless as to which cover they are in.
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In 1971, England's Paranoid Productions made an inferior copy of the Winklhofer Records LP entitled  'While the Establishment Burns'   (Which itself had been copied from the LP 'Looking Back').  By now the sound quality has suffered dramatically. To make matters worse, The recording process was done on an automatic turntable whose play arm lifted early on both sides of the LP. Therefore, quite a bit of the final song on each side was lost. 

Side one is from Dublin Ireland 5/6/66 
Side two is from NY Town hall 4/63 

4-5  stars    NMP150 (1971)   NMP125 (1972)

Matrix: (see info at left)

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