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Blind Boy Grunt 
source: Minnesota tape +
Side one: 

Hard times in New York town 
Baby let me follow you down 
Sally gal 
Gospel plow 
Ballad of Donald White* 
Only a hobo/talkin' devil** 
Wade in the water 

Side two: 
It's hard to be  blind 
VD  blues 
VD waltz 
VD city 
VD Gunner's blues 
Naomi wise 
John Brown** 
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This 1983 re-issue by TMQ2 was originaly released in 1972. Paper insert. Smokin' pig labels. Some early copies included a yellow  insert with 4 photos. 

Re-released in '84 with a green insert and fake labels :
Full Tilt Records 

12/22/61 Minnesota hotel tape Except for: 
* March '63 WBAI FM radio broadcast 
**1963 Broadside recordings. 

7 stars     NMP45 

Matrix: T M Q 73007 and/or 1600

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