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Bob Dylan In Concert
source: Bristol, Isle of Wight, RAH

Side one: 
She Belongs to Me 
Maggie's Farm 
Highway 61 Revisited 
One Too Many Mornings 
Like a Rolling Stone 
Mighty Quinn 
Rainy Day Women No. 12 and 35 

Side two: 
Tell Me Mama 
Baby Let Me Follow you Down 
One Too Many Mornings
Like a Rolling Stone 

Side three: 
Sitting on a Barbed Wire Fence 
If You Gotta Go, Go Now 
Mixed Up Confusion 
Ye  Playboys and Playgirls* 
With God On Our Side* 

Side four: 
Living the Blues 
If You Gotta Go, Go Now 
Mr. Tambourine Man 
I Don't Believe You* 

Side one is from the Isle of Wight '69 
Side two is from Bristol  May 10,1966 
Side three is from "Highway 61 sessions" except: 
* Newport festival  July 1963 
Side four is: Johnny Cash Show 5-1-69
except:  *Bristol  May 10,1966 

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Cover Part 1
Cover Part 2
Information: © 1999 CD Pinkerton -

1970 release from Sweden.  SKAND records 
Stamped  cover title only 2 lp set (gwa34) 
Also released as two single LPs stamped: 
'Part 1' (gwa35) 
'Part 2' (gwa36) [As in above photos]
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Now for something bizarre: 
Both of the above LPs were re-released with the same cover and the same songs  except... Each of the Bristol songs have been replaced with the same song from the Royal Albert Hall show! There is no matrix on this piece. 
'Part 1' (gwa37) 
'Part 2' (gwa38)
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At about the same time that 34, 35, & 36  LPs were released, they were copied and released in inferior quality in England. These English releases LPs were also issued in a simple stamped jacket. The 2 LP set was stamped 'LIVE' in red on the front cover. The single releases were stamped 'LIVE PT1' and 'LIVE PT2'. 
LIVE (gwa39)  JS LP 1 & JS LP 2  A/B
'Part 1' (gwa40) JS LP 1 A/B
'Part 2' (gwa41) JS LP 2 A/B
© 1999 CD Pinkerton -
?? stars     NMP?? 

Matrix: KS 1003 A/B 
            KS 1004 A/B 

This is a most bizarre title. Released in 1970, it contains the songs Tell me Mama, Baby let me follow you down, One too many mornings, and Like a rolling stone from the Colston Hall, Bristol show of May 10th 1966. Incredible as it may sound, the LP also was released with the same songs, only from the 'RAH' show! The only reasoning behind this could have been that the Colston Hall show is not near the quality as the Manchester one and SKAND decided to switch, however, Colston is much more rare, having only been released on a couple other titles. 
Start at the beginning of the Albert Hall tour 
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