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Bridgett's Album
(Don't go away now)
source: L.A. 2/13-14/74
Side one: 

(All accoustic tracks) 
It's all over now, Baby Blue* 
The Times * 
Love - 0/no limit 
Don't think twice 
Just like a woman 
It's all right ma (I'm only bleeding)* 

Side two: 
(All electric tracks) 
Most likely you go your way 
Rainy Day Women No. 12 and 35 
Ballad of Hollis Brown 
Highway 61 revisited 
Like a rolling stone 
Blowin' in the wind 

Here are two different package versions. 
A one color glued on paper insert, white jacket, and white logo label. (Version 2) 
A rainbow colored glued on paper insert, textured red jacket, and silver logo label. (Version1) 

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Front  Cover
Alternate Cover

This 1974  album is the first " farewell LP" from TMQ.  Although they would later resurface, they officially went out of business with this Dylan title. (So the cover states....Actually, This is not the last TMQ-1... It is the first of the new group TMQ-2) 
Strangely enough, three years later the 'Farewell' LP from TARKL would use the same title.
The source is LA Feb 13 '74 except * Feb 14 
There were several versions released. The original is version 1 and then version 2 shown at left. These were  released with 3 different large back photo inserts. Later issues would not contain the back insert. There were various combinations of package jackets, front & rear inserts,and labels. 
In 1983 this piece was reissued with a yellow or orange insert. The matrix has been lined-out and the new matrix 73034 added. 

3-5 stars     NMP60 

Matrix: BD 1898 

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