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Bridgett's Album
(A vinyl Headstone almost in place)
source: L.A. 2/13-14/74
Side one: 

Hard rain 
Blowin' in the wind 
Railroad boy 

Side two: 
I ain't got no home 
Dear Mrs Rooseveldt 
Grand Coulee dam 
Ballad of a thin man* 
Like a rolling stone* 

1974 TMOQ

Different LP - Same name
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Interestingly enough, this 1977  TAKRL 'Farewell' LP used the same title as the 1974 TMQ 'Farewell' LP
And, as with TMQ, TAKRL still went on after the 'last' LP... only under different names. The Fort Collins show is the "Hard Rain" broadcast. These are the songs that were not included on the  CBS LP. 

Side 1: Colorado State University 
(Hughes stadium, Fort Collins May 23rd 1976) 
Side 2: Woody Guthrie Memorial - 
(Carnegie Hall, NY January 20th 1968) Except:
*CBS Live LP-  RAH  London May '66 

8 stars         NMP60 

Matrix: 1999   1/2 

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