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Here is an LP that has been rumored since 1974. It has appeared on nearly every list of Bob's bootlegs. It was even given a number (91) - with explanation -  in Roques' great white answers. It is 99.99% certain, however, that this LP does not exist. Was it a myth? A planned release? A pressed LP that was never released; and destroyed, or confiscated.... If you are the person that knows the answer to this enigma, please let us know the true story. Supposedly to contain the following seven songs: 

Blowin' in the wind          (Chilean benefit 5-9-74) 
Tough Mama                   (Chicago 1-3-74) 
Girl of the North Country  (Philly 1-7-74) 
Wedding song                   (Philly 1-7-74) 
Love-0/No limit                (Toronto 1-10-74) 
Nobody 'cept you             (Montreal 1-11-74) 
Blowin' in the wind           (Montreal 1-11-74) 

According to our friend Erik, the tape for this project DID exist. It was scheduled as a CBM release that never got to the mastering stage. If you happen to know more about the project drop us an E-mail.


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