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Demo Tapes GWW            72A
source: Witmark
Side one: 

John Brown 
Long ago, far away 
Only a hobo 
Long time gone 
Ain't a-gonna grieve 
Death of Emmett Till 

Side two: 
I'll keep it with mine 
I'd hate to be you on that dreadful day 
I shall be free 
Buffalo skinners* 
Jesse James* 
Remember me* 
Cuban missile crisis** 

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Warner Brothers 7 Arts Music promo label

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Cartoon label:
In 1973 TMOQ created a cartoon cover  with a die-cut center hole, and issued 18 or so of their titles as collector's items in this numbered volumes series.  The albums had a unique additional reference number that generally matched the 'Issue volume number' for that LP.
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Front  Cover
Witmark demos except: 
  * Gleason home tape, February 1961 
* * Broadsided office, January 1963 

The title of this LP came from the demo tapes used for Warner Brothers 7 Arts Music. 
For demo purposes, there was a very rare one-sided promotional LP pressed that contained nine songs that Bob recorded for Witmark and sons in 62/63. The quality of this original album was only fair, at best. 

The original version TMQ  (gwa-72 A, version 1) 
was released in 1973. It had  no catalog references on insert. This LP was released in several versions. 

There is also a version 2 with the reference #71 055 on the insert, a stickered and stamped cover, and the original insert with two 1965 studio photos.  The original pig logo appears on the label, and the vinyl is clear yellow or gold. 

A third version of this original LP has an S-113 added to the insert, and black vinyl.  It was issued both with the original pig label and with a fake green Teufel label.  (1978) 

Another copy came in a blue sleeve with blue vinyl and the original pig label.  It is not known whether this issue included an insert. 

And, as always, there were various combinations in the packaging including white, green, peach, blue, and purple jackets; round, square, and no sticker; and various labels, vinyl, and inserts. 

1-6 stars      NMP100    Gold Vinyl   NMP175 

Matrix: BD 529

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