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Demo Tapes (Reissue)
source: Witmark
Side one: 

John Brown 
Long ago, far away 
Only a hobo 
Long time gone 
Ain't a-gonna grieve 
Death of Emmett Till 

Side two: 
I'll keep it with mine 
I'd hate to be you on that dreadful day 
I shall be free 
Buffalo skinners* 
Jesse James* 
Remember me* 
Cuban missile crisis** 

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Front Cover
In 1983 TMOQ issued this piece with a newly designed bright blue or 'rainbow' insert with the smoking pig logo and TMQ-71055 and 1861 on the insert. The matrix was TMQ 71055 A/B (and a crossed out:1861).  Smoking pig labels and black vinyl. 

Also in 1983 the piece was issued with a blank label and a green, poorly reproduced "Live in 1974" insert. 

In 1984 the LXXXIV Series #6 issue came out with a white sleeve stamped on the back limited to 100 copies. A poorly reproduced "Live in 1974" insert, and GLC labels.  This piece was pressed on nice looking light green marble vinyl from the same master plates. 

1-7 stars       NMP55

matrix: T M Q 71055 

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