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Don't Look Back
source: Don't look back soundtrack
Side one: 

To Ramona (fragment) 
The Times (fragment) 
Hattie Carroll (fragment) 
Lost Highway (fragment) 
I'm so lonesome I could cry (fragment) 
Piano solo 

Side two: 
Don't think twice  (fragment) 
It's all over now, baby blue (fragment) 
The times (fragment) 
Talkin' WWIII blues (start & end) 
It's all right, ma  (fragment) 
Love-0/No limit (fragment)

When TMOQ-2 re-released the LP, it was with some changes. There was a new insert (71B) with pics of 13 CBS LPs Vinyl was clear yellow, orange, or red. LP labels were blank, phonygraf, original pig, or smoking pig. Jackets were white or yellow. Several combinations of the above exist, as well as combinations from the original packages. 
gwa 71B

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Matrix: 1862 A/B
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Front Cover

1973 Release. Contains an hour of film soundtrack from the 1965 British tour film of the same name. In the days before the VCR tapes, this LP was a real gem! 

As with all of the early TMQ releases, There were several variables that led to many combinations as far as different packages were concerned. 
The first issue was as pictured: Purple jacket, pink insert, original pig logo label, and orange-gold vinyl. (gwa71A) 
The next issue had an orange cover and green vinyl. 
Yet another reissue was a copy of the original insert with logo removed & BD-524 added along with some song titles. More variations occurred when items from one package were combined with others. Also to be found was a black vinyl with full printed red TMQ labels. 

Also in 1973, TMOQ created a cartoon cover  with a die-cut center hole, and issued 18 or so of their titles as collector's items in this numbered volumes series.  The albums had a unique additional reference number that generally matched the 'Issue volume number' for that LP. 

6-8 stars      NMP100    Gold Vinyl NMP150 

Matrix: BD 524 / 1862

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