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Best of Bob's Bootlegs
(Double Cross) 
source: various
Side one: 

Cocaine (cuts) 
It takes a lot to laugh** 
Open the door, Homer (take 1)*** 
In the evening 
East Orange , NJ 
If you gotta go, go now ### 
Death of Emmett Till* 
John Birch paranoid blues # 

Side two: 
Please crawl out your window** 
Baby please don't go 
New Orleans rag (cuts) ## 
Sitting on a barbed wire fence** 
Mixed up confusion ### 
This Wheel's on fire*** 
The mighty Quinn (take 1)*** 
Black cross
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Front Cover

Possibly, a TMQ partner put this 1970 release out on his own.  Hence the Label Double Cross
Very nice full printed  label. 
Seemingly very rare;  it contains tracks from Stealin', GWW, and, believe it or not, John Birch (Before John Birch was even released!) 

Minneapolis '61 except: 
    *Broadside show, WBAI 3/62 
   # Original 'Freewheelin' 
 ** 'Highway '61' outtake 
 ## 'Another side' outtake 
 *** Basement Tapes 
###  45 RPM single 

3-7 stars       NMP200 

Matrix: 95

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