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Dylan    (GWW II b)
source: Various

Side one: 
Wade in the water * 
Cocaine * 
I'll keep it with mine 
Talking John Birch paranoid blues 
Who killed Davy Moore? * * 
Eternal circle 
Ramblin' gamblin' Willie 

Side two: 
 Million dollar bash 
Yea! Heavy and a bottle of bread 
Please, Mrs. Henry 
Lo and behold 
Tiny Montgomery 
You ain't going nowhere 
Mixed up confusion* 
East Laredo blues** 

Side 1 is '62 & '63 studio outtakes except for 
* Minnesota hotel tapes 
* * 10/26/63 Carnegie Hall.

Side 2 is Basement tapes except for 
*1962 45 rpm
** 'Another side'.. studio outtake
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com

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A relatively rare and confusing 1971 title from CBM. The album is an inferior copy of disc two of GWW-2.
Contraband released both discs of that 2 LP set as two separate single LP releases, neither of which was titled. The second LP can be viewed here.
The cover is either a red and white insert, or a black and white xerox of it. The label is either blank or CBM.
Hotwacks, great white answers, and Paul Cable all refer to this un-titled LP as 'Dylan', although it is a near certainty that it was never released under that name.
Dennis Liff referred to it more accurately as 'Bob Dylan'
It has also been incorrectly referred to as 'John Birch' due to the fact that the GWW-2 disc from which it was copied contained material from the 'John Birch' release. Whether you have heard it  called 'Volume two', 'CBM 616', 'Dylan disc two' or something else... This is the LP to which all are referring.

5 stars       NMP65

gwa 17
Matrix: 616/617

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