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Dylan '62
source: Gaslight / Whitmark

Side one: 
Ain't no more cane 
Handsome Molly 
John Brown 
Ballad of Hollis Brown 
See that my grave is kept clean 
Side two: 
The Cuckoo is a pretty bird 
Motherless children 
Bound to lose** 
Walls of Redwing * 
Let me die in my footsteps 
Eternal circle *
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Most of the recordings are from the Gaslight Cafe New York October 1962 on this 1974 British release. White Laminated cover with a purple drawing. The back lists the tracks along with information.
Full printed black labels. Black vinyl.

Gaslight Tape #2 except:
  *The 'Times' sessions Columbia Studios 
     New York    August-October 1963 
** Whitmark demos '63 

 7-8 stars       NMP65

Matrix: FYG 7002 A/B 

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