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Don't Look Back (3 LP box) 
source: various (See below)

Side one: 
Ye playboys and playgirls 
With God on our side 
Blowin' in the wind 
Wild mountain thyme* 
Car, car** 
Only a pawn in their game*** 
Side two: 
Percy's song (Take two)* 
Wade in the water** 
Talking John Birch paranoid blues*** 
Masters of war 
Hard rain 
Side three:
Who killed Davy Moore?* 
I'll keep it with mine** 
One too many mornings*** 
Eternal circle** 
Love - 0/no limit**** 
It's all over now, baby blue**** 
Side four:
She belongs to me* 
She belongs to me** 
Maggie's farm* 
Like a rolling stone 
Can you please crawl out your window 
 (mistaken single version, 1965)
Absolutely Sweet Marie 
Side five:

Desolation row 
Visions of Johanna 
Positively 4th Street 
Side six:

That's all right Mama* 
I want you 
4th time around 
As I went out one morning 
Girl of the north country 
Just like a woman 
All along the watchtower 
One too many mornings
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Thanks to P.A. ten Haaf for LP photos
© 1999 Craig Pinkerton Bobsboots.com
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Front Cover
This 1971 3 LP set  from Germany came in a box with a black and white xerox photo of a picture from the Isle of Wight concert insert cover pasted on the front. It also included a reproduction of the Playboy magazine interview from 1966.  This box was later issued with the same picture but with songs listed on left side (as in picture). 

Later editions were the same except for the front cover photo was a xerox of 'Greatest hits volume II'. Song titles were also listed on the left side 

This is a strange piece to figure out. All songs on this set had been previously released, however, this seems to be slightly better quality than the bootlegs that is was coppied from! 
All songs not noted are officially released tracks that are not in as good a quality, obviously, as the released version. These songs, then, are actually 'pirate' songs rather than bootleg. 

Side 1:
    * Isle of Wight, August 31, 1969 
  ** Gaslight tape #1, September 1961 
*** Washington Civil rights march, August 1963 
All others are officially released tracks 

Side 2:
  * "Times" outtake, August to October 1963 
  **'Minneapolis hotel tape' December 1961 
*** Original 'Freewheelin', 1962 
Others are officially released tracks 

Side 3:
      * Carnegie Hall, October 26th 1963 
   ** "Times" outtake, August to October 1963 
   *** Johnny Cash TV documentary, 1969 
**** 'Bringing it all back home' outtakes 

Side 4:
  * Isle of Wight, August 31, 1969 
** 'Bringing it all back home' outtakes 
All others are officially released tracks 

Side 5:
All are officially released tracks 

Side 6:
* 'Another side' outtake June 1964 
All others are officially released tracks 

The Label is SODS Great Sound. Full printed labels. 

6-7 stars       NMP175 

Matrix: ARS 16 334 (5, 6, 7, 8, 9)

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